Why do people mostly use mobile phone as their gaming device?

There was a time when computer was a dominant platform for people who wanted to play video games. But thanks to the remarkable growth and innovation in smartphones, those days have now been long gone. Today, the top-end smartphones have the processing power and storage capacity that was available in desktop computers just a few years ago.

Studies suggest that smartphones and mobile devices have become the most popular devices for gaming today. The NPD Group reported that more and more children (63 percent to be precise) tend to play games on mobile devices. The mobile strategy agency Tappable found similar trends in their survey. In a poll of gamers, both male and female, Tappable found that 42% of gamers now use a smartphone to play games. Among the remaining 58% of gamers, 32% preferred consoles, while only 26% use a computer to play games.

It has also been estimated that the global revenue from mobile and smartphone gaming will bring 123.4 billion USD collectively in 2019, with a year on year growth that is several times higher than PC and consoles. In 2017 too, the worldwide mobile gaming revenues were 2.3 times higher than revenues from PC and Mac games and 3.6 times higher from console games.

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In this post, we will discuss the drivers behind the encroachment of mobile phones into the gaming space. You may be familiar with some of the factors that keeps the mobile gaming sector active, here we present a few more reasons why we think mobile gaming is so strong.

1.   Convenience:

Mobile phones provide incredible convenience, which is a key growth driver for mobile gaming revenue. You don’t necessarily have to reach home and start playing your favorite game. You can play it during your spare time in office, on your commute, in a restroom, or when you are waiting for someone. In fact, you don’t even have to find out time specifically for your favorite titles. They are portable right out of there non-existing boxes and can be enjoyed almost anywhere.

2.   Access:

Another reason why mobile games are so popular today is the fact that they are easily accessible. Almost everyone has a smartphone today which they can use to download a game and start playing right away. You also don’t always need to pay for the games because the Play Store and other app stores are filled with thousands of quality game apps that provide gaming service free of charge. Some of these games are so addictive that even those who do not consider themselves as gamers are sometimes drawn in by the attractive titles played by their friends and family.

From downloading and installing to playing a game, the whole process is pretty effortless and hardly takes a few minutes. Comparing this to going to a store to buy games for your Xbox, it is quite evident why mobile games is a painless and more economical option.

3.   Improvements in technology:

We all remember playing the ‘Snake’ game on our old phone, but today’s cellphones can handle much more complex games than that. Given the processing power, the storage capacity, and graphical ability of smartphones today, it is a no-brainer to figure out why mobile games have become a major entertainment features on mobile phones.

The past few years have also seen a surge in hardware and software products that are geared towards virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) gaming. Wearable VR devices such as the Samsung Wear VR and HTC Vive are hitting the market by the day, which competes with PC or console VR device on many fronts, primarily the ergonomics and usability.

4.   Mobile accessories have closed the gap:

Most of the gamers were hesitant to use their mobile as a gaming device because of the low sound, clumsy UI, and overall lackluster experience. But as technology progressed, mobile phones slowly closed this gap. Many gaming companies are now creating mobile adapters to compensate for the UI being lost in the transition from PC or console to mobile gaming. The noise canceling mobile gaming headphones is another accessory that can ensure optimal mobile gaming experience without comprising the quality of mobile games.

5.   Pricing:

Price is a major factor in the hugely expanding mobile games market. Just for a few dollars, you get an enriching experience that you used to get on your Xbox and PCs. There are also a huge number of free mobile games that you can play, even without spending a penny. Majority of the games that we find on the Google Play Store and iOS app store are free-to-play games. Of course, these games are riddled with in-app purchases and annoying ads, but that doesn’t make them any less good.

If you compare these games with the titles released on PCs and consoles, you will find them stand toe to toe with some of the most expensive games, because low price doesn’t always mean low in quality. Additionally, there are several mobile gaming subscription services like the Unlimited Gamez Mo or GameStash that allow you to play unlimited mobile games on your cellphone at a small subscription fee. The fee is almost always minimal, and the sheer number of games available in their gaming library makes these subscription services an excellent deal for your money.

The Bottom Line:

Mobile phones aren’t exactly known for their immersive graphics and powerful processors. But with new smartphones and devices aimed at mobile gaming, the trend is gradually changing. If the current trend of growth for mobile phones continues, we will see smartphones become the device of choice for gamers in the coming years.

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