What is the Relationship between SEO and Content Marketing

Talking about content marketing, it is the most known marketing strategy that creates brand awareness among people through content. While the purpose of SEO is to rank a website on Search Engines using keywords and linking. Both sound very different from each other, but actually, there exists a relationship between both of them to make them work together.

SEO and content marketing both are the ways to promote and create awareness about the brand in public. Content marketing is actually a content that allows the readers to understand the detailed information about the brand whereas SEO makes it able to appear that content on Search engines.

There are several ways in which you can do content marketing the easiest and known one is through blogs or articles. However, other than this in the form of videos and pictures as well. On the other hand, SEO is through using keywords, search tags and linking (internal and external). However, thinking practically both evolve together in building up strong marketing.


Suppose, if a person wants to select a picnic spot for vacations, that person will do a search for best picnic points in the relevant area. After Searching (SEO), he will read the reviews (content) about that area and finally become able to choose a specific area of his choice. The SEO allows him to search for the top places and content marketing make him understand which place is better to choose. This simple example clearly shows a relationship between both the terms and how they work together.

Before finding a deep relationship between both, let us first find out the main difference between them.

Difference between SEO and Content Marketing


There exist a huge difference between them as both serve in marketing. Moreover, these two sounds very different, no doubt they are actually different. Both work in their respective ways to make marketing strong and successful. However, some of the differences are as follows:

  • SEO is more technical as it makes use of keywords, linking and stuff like this. However, Content marketing is not that technical although it is the simplest strategy.
  • SEO bounds to keywords and URL whereas Content marketing is broader and can be performed in several ways (blogs, videos, pictures, articles).
  • SEO demands requirement and Content marketing fulfills

Key Relationship between SEO and Content Marketing

content marketing

The above discussion showed a relationship between both terms to some extent, however, to understand a key relationship between SEO and Content marketing consider a few simple points.

1-    Content Marketing fulfills the need for SEO

SEO itself is a requirement, which needs content marketing to fulfill it. SEO states “I need you” and Content marketing states, “I will provide you”. Both terms work together in order to fulfill marketing needs.  Without content SEO cannot work properly, in short, content is everything that SEO needs.

2-    Content provides keywords for SEO

As explained earlier SEO needs keywords for working and content to provide keywords to it. No doubt, keywords are necessary for ranking and increase optimization but it the content only that make use of keywords to understand by search engines.

3-    Content engage the audience through SEO

The purpose of content marketing is to create brand awareness among people and to engage more audience with the content. To attract the audience towards the content, SEO is the only way to make it possible this will rank the content on search engines and make it able to reach maximum people.

4-    Content marketing attracts readers to SEO links

SEO involves linking relative URLs to a site and content marketing makes it able to create those links to attract more audience. In simple words, content marketing is essential for SEO to make readers understand about sites.

These are some major things, which creates a strong relation of one with another.

As these points, explain the relationship between SEO and content marketing largely. Other than that, these points also ended up summarizing that SEO is nothing without Content marketing. If you want to be an SEO expert, you must have to be an expert in content marketing.

SEO is useless unless you are not strong in Content marketing. Both these terms come together and work together. To become successful in Content marketing you should not neglect SEO. Neither one can be neglected to become successful in another field.

Moreover, SEO is the only way to rank the content on your website to increase its optimization and become more visible in search engines. Without SEO, content is useless and without content, SEO does not work.

In short, SEO demands the requirement that Content marketing fulfills. Without one other will not work in an appropriate way.


This article described a strong relationship between the two terms of SEO and Content marketing. As both these terms sound completely different and no doubt, they are two different terms but both these terms merge and work together to make marketing strong. Neglecting one cannot make a marketer become successful in other. Therefore, both of these are strongly bounded.

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