Wellness Programs That Can Help To Motivate Your Workforce

To attract top talent, your business needs to stand out and adopt strategies that will keep your staff motivated and happy with coming into work every day. Wellness programs are a great way to achieve just that. In fact, it’s considered around that the majority of job seekers that are looking for work consider work perks and activities as a major attraction to work for a company. The last thing you need is a high employee turnover at your company, so in order to keep your workers engaged here are some wellness programs to consider so that they can remain healthy throughout their working experience.


Develop Branded Water Bottles

It’s important for staff to remain hydrated throughout the day so their minds stay fresh and their weight remains healthy. At the same time, by providing water bottles that are branded creates great exposure for your business as they’re likely to use it out of work too! Encourage your team to drink more water and provide water bottles they can use daily.


Trash The Junk

Many companies offer vending machines and canteen meals that are relatively unhealthy for employees. If the nutritional value is poor in what you’re offering, switch it up and offer healthier alternatives instead. So, instead of a bar of chocolate why not provide fruit instead? If you’re unsure about what to offer, check out these healthy office snack ideas that you incorporate into your business.


Order In Healthy Lunch

If your team works on a monthly basis where they need to meet deadlines at the end of it, a great way to treat them if they’ve achieved their targets is by ordering in healthy lunch from time to time. Especially if the team are stretched for resources and are working extra hours, do them a favour and order in lunch. Examples such as wraps and salads are a great option.


Decrease Eye Strain

Eye strain is common for those who spend hours on end staring at the screen. If a computer doesn’t have the correct resolution or setting, it can cause your eyes to focus more heavily on items on your screen and this can easily lead to headache and fatigue. One great tool is Time Out which reminds staff of when they need to take a break. This can prevent them from looking at the screen for long hours.


Assess Your Current Working Conditions

Sometimes, the simple matter of changing up your working conditions can go a long way to improving the wellness and mood of your staff. Things to consider include the colour palette that you’ve used when decorating your office, greenery options displayed around the office and even how well your ventilation works. If you feel that your ventilation hasn’t been checked for a while, double check with your ventilation suppliers for your office building to do a review of the systems so that they’re working correctly and not producing harmful gases into the atmosphere of your office.


Converse With Your Staff

A great way to figure out whether your staff are feeling engaged and actually enjoying their work is through a simple survey. It may seem pretty bog standard but this is also a great way to gauge the thoughts of your staff if there is a lot within your workforce and you’re unable to discuss the matters with all of them. It doesn’t even have to be through a paper method, tools such as Survey Monkey or Doodle are a great way to target a large amount of staff and collect the data easily.


On-Site Yoga

There can be occasions where staff tend to go to the gym to work up a bit of a sweat during their lunch hour, but why not bring the gym to them? It’s obviously a large investment to create a whole a new gym in your workspace so a great alternative is providing a yoga class. It can be just as effective without the large costs. All you’d need to is pay a yoga instructor during lunch hours who can provide a class to your staff. This can help them to relax and stay fit at the same time without the inconvenience of travelling to their gym during work hours.

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