2 easy ways to download TikTok videos for free

Have you heard of TikTok? If you’re in your teens than you more than likely have. Tiktok is one of the newer social media apps for sharing short video clips. Tiktok is the reincarnation of musically. Musically was purchased by a Chinese company called Bytedance in a deal worth roughly 1 billion dollars. After the purchase was finalized they re-branded the app to TikTok.

Unlike other social media networks like Facebook and Instagram, TikTok allows you to download videos directly from within the app. this means you don’t need to install third-party apps to download media like the other social media networks.

So let’s get started and show you two simple ways to download any TikTok videos to your phone.

Option 1

The first option we are going to show you is built right into the app. This method will allow you to download all videos off TikTok unless a user specifically disables the download option for their videos.

Find the video

The very first thing you will need to do is open the TikTok app and scroll down your timeline and find the video that you would like to download. If the video belongs to a specific user you can type in the username to see all of their videos.

Download the video

Once you find the video that you want to download you will click on the share icon to the right of the video. It looks like an arrow pointing to the right. Once you click on the share icon, two rows of options will appear at the bottom of the app. Tap the “save video” button in the second row and a download will begin allowing you to save the video to your mobile phone.

Option 2

The download option that is native to the TikTok app works great however there are a few drawbacks. The videos that you download from the app we’ll have a TikTok watermark on them so if you plan on sharing them on other social platforms be aware of this.

Secondly, some users can deactivate the option to download their videos so if you come across any videos that don’t show the”save video” option then this is likely the case. In the event that this does happen to you can try the following method.

Find the video

Just like in option 1, the first thing you have to do is find a video that you want to download. Once you’ve found the video, click on the share icon again but this time click on the copy link button. A link to the video will be saved on your phone’s clipboard

Visit tiktokdownloader.net

Once you have the video link you can head over to this website (tiktokdownloader.net) and paste the link into the input box on the homepage. You will then click the get video button which will start the download process. A few moments later a download link will appear which you can click on to initiate the download to your phone.


These are two simple methods that you can use to download almost any TikTok video that you want. Occasionally some people will make their TikTok account private so in this instance, you can only use option one to download videos. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Let us know if you have any questions by commenting below. Happy downloading!

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