Twitter marketing: Creative ways to connect with your audience


    Every business whether big or small are using social media for their marketing activities. There are numerous social media platforms available to the audience and each one has its own distinct personality, usage, and features but one (most important, again most important) thing that these platforms have similar is the huge number of users. 

This makes it essential for a business to be aware, present and interact with the audience over these platforms to stay updated and be relevant to the consumers. 

This article specifically discusses Twitter, as a platform for marketing and its in and outs for any business. 

About Twitter 

About Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform that enables macro communications and interactions among its users worldwide. 

Twitter serves multiple purposes for the users to share their opinions, experiences, news, promotional content and photos and videos for the audience at large to see. And it has over 330 million daily active users making it one of the most popular platforms. 

Given the exposure and reach of Twitter, Businesses have identified it as a marketing opportunity to attract, engage and convert with the audience. 

What is Twitter marketing though? 

Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing in simple terms is promoting your brand or business to the users with Twitter as a medium. As Twitter provides you to share information and firm-generated content, networking, and communications among both Business-to-business and business-to-consumer, interact and provide support to users, building a reputation and creating a brand identity and promotion through Twitter marketing tools. 

Twitter marketing might be one of the most effective tools as the user engagement rate is extremely high and instant reactions and feedback can be captured allowing you to track and evaluate your marketing strategy.

Importance of Twitter marketing

    Twitter is one of the top 5 social media platforms in this day and age. And with its huge user base, being present on Twitter won’t pull it off for you. 

It is vital for you to tap into Twitter’s user base.  Therefore, you need to have active and influential participation in the game to be noticed by the audience. And, Twitter marketing lets you achieve that. 

Twitter marketing tools let you effectively research, classify and target users based on their interests and experiences which will extract better results for your business. 

We have listed a few ways to use Twitter marketing to connect with the audience.

1. Embed Twitter feeds on your website

Embedding Twitter feeds onto your website is a great tactic to grow your business as well as strengthen your social media presence.

There are various embedding tools that help you embed Twitter feed on your website and this would help you to develop a connection between your social media and commerce, drive the traffic from Twitter to your website and vice-versa, and most importantly establish trust and sense of authenticity among the users at Twitter wall embedding will act as a social proof for your business. 

With the options of filtering relevant quality content, personalization, moderation, and analytics, these tools will provide a great push to your marketing strategy. Further, Free trials are also available for these tools so, make the most use of these helping hands to your business. 

2. User-generated content – A win-win strategy

User-generated content is the most trust-worthy source of information over the internet, especially for consumers. Therefore, it is essential that you reap in all the quality user-generated content linked to your business from Twitter and re-market it for your promotion. 

It is a win-win strategy for you as you don’t have to invest resources in developing promotional content and users will feel rewarded and connected to the business as you are valuing and reaffirming their opinions, feedback or experiences. 

This would build a sense of community and encourage the audience to participate more with the business. 

3. Use of Visuals, also Twitter video

Nobody is interested in plain text anymore. Posts with images and videos perform 6 times better comparatively. Visuals are more engaging and eye-catchy to the users and also visual feel more personal and interactive.

Also Twitter gives you the option to upload 140-seconds video so, you can use this to provide product views and descriptions, share interactive testimonials, assign emotional quotient, reviews, and consumer feedback. This could help you build a more authentic, creative and interactive brand. 

4. Encourage conversation and involvement 

The most beneficial aspect of any business is an excellent consumer-brand relationship. Persistent engagement with the brand leads to an enhanced loyal consumer base. 

Businesses should continuously interact with the consumers and encourage the audience to share their ideas, experiences or feedback. Conducting chat sessions, gamification, QnA videos, personalized interactions with the users, responding to tweets should be done to make the consumers feel valued, respected and the sense of being heard. Also, Humor should be a constantly appearing trait in your content as it is a magnet that ropes in a fresh audience. 

This will help the brand to grow exponentially attracting new customers with the help of persisting positive word-of-mouth, brand loyalty and consumers being representatives to the brand.

To Conclude

As we have seen that Twitter is an excellent tool for marketing and therefore, it is essential that you take the right approach to it, rather than just spending money without an agenda. 

Consumer-centric marketing over Twitter is will help you create brand loyalty, understand the audience and their needs and requirements better and building relationships with the audience and eventually leading to a better connect with the audience. 

You could use these ideas to help grow your business. Comment below, if you have any views or insights about Twitter marketing. 

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