How to Become a More Productive Blogger in Simple Steps

Blogging is not an easy task especially when you try t without having proper knowledge. There exist some rules and tips for blogging like any other task. Blogging is a bit different from any other task. Blogging needs a lot of effort as well as time and concentration. To become a blogger a person needs to dedicate all his effective time to blogging.

In this age of fastest growing technology, everyone dreams to have a personal blogging site and have millions of active users on it. However, not everyone gets success and fulfills this dream, there are several reasons behind it. The main reason is the lack of knowledge and understanding.

For blogging, there is a need to have the proper knowledge and understanding the basics of blogging. His way only will help a person to become a famous and successful blogger. For this reason, the relevant article will specifically describe a few simple and easy steps that everyone can follow to make blogging more productive and earn real money through blogging.

A few simple steps are as follows:

Choose a Niche

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The very first step before starting a blog is nothing else than selecting a niche of your relevant interest. Although it sounds common, it is a very important step. The very common mistake that most people do is they have no proper aim and do not even know what to start. Choosing a proper niche and start blogging about it must be the main goal while blogging.

There are several niches to choose for blogging. A few are:

  • Lifestyle blog
  • Travel blog
  • Beauty blog
  • Health blog
  • Food blog

These are a few simple ideas about starting a blog. Although, there are many other ideas available.

Set Priority

Setting priority and making your priorities clear is another important step to become a productive blogger. While blogging your first priority should be writing and the second must be creating unique content. This way helps you become a productive blogger very easily.

When concentrating on writing and creating unique content consistently this will generate more audience and increase the engagement of the site. Which will prove to be helpful in becoming a productive blogger?

Set goals and start working on them

For productive blogging, the other important step is to set goals. Goal and proper planning make the vision clear about what to do and how to do. Setting smart goals for blogging and keeping them in your plans is a good idea. This will result in success.

Goals and plans are always very important and prove to be so helpful in growing and expanding any sort of work, whether it is blogging or something else. Therefore, the aims and goals are necessary for achieving success.

Do every possible effort to achieve your Aim

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While starting a blog, obviously your aim is to become a successful blogger and take your blogs from the ground to a certain height. You should stick to your aim and try every possible thing to maintain and concentrate on your aim.

Aims also play an important role in the development and growth of any sort of work, business or anything of your interest. Therefore, being ambitious about successful and productive will help to achieve your goals.

Try using productive tools

While talking about productive blogging, the first thing to consider is to make use of productive blogging tools. These tools provide proper guidance and provide complete help in understanding and working as a blogger. There are several tools for this purpose.

Some of the top tools for blog writing are the FindFocus website blocker, WordPress. For creating visual content, the top tools are Canva and Pixabay. For proofreading Grammarly is the best online tool. Other tools are Dropbox, Trello, Toggl and Buffer App.

Be consistent

A mostly known and the simplest key to success in blogging is consistency. Be consistent while creating unique content and keep on sharing that content with great consistency. This will lead to more engagement and interaction of the audience on your blogging site. That in return helpful for becoming a successful and productive in less time.

You would have heard repeatedly that consistency is the key. It applies to blog, to become a successful and productive blogger in less time keep on doing hard work with consistency.

Keep on doing hard work and do not worry about your Competition

The other important thing that contributes to productive blogging is hard work and a strong determination. Just keep one thing in your mind while blogging, that why did you start blogging? You started it, keeping in mind your passion and interest in blogging. Forget everything else. Simply stick to your goal and do not compare yourself with other bloggers.

There is nothing wrong in it on having a look at other blogger’s work and taking help from them, that how they are working. In addition, comparing yourself with them is not a good idea. Comparison only results in demotivation. Everyone has a different mindset and different way of doing work, therefore comparing is a not so good idea.


Blogging is becoming very popular nowadays due to its wide communication and being a strong marketing strategy. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone who wants to start a blog to learn the basic tools and simple tips to become a productive blogger. This article described some of the top ways by which a person can become a successful productive blogger in less time. In addition, the key to becoming a productive blogger is consistency and hard work.

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