5 Similar Games Like Clash Royale

In search of some similar games like Clash Royale? Then, guys, you landed the perfect place. Because today I am here with the similar items like Clash Royale in this article. In this particular game, the players need to build a unique deck and it also offers them card battling. Though Clash Royale is among the most famous and most played games nowadays since 2016, one gets bored after playing any game on the daily basis. And so with the Clash Royale. So, guys if you want to try something new with the same pattern of Clash Royale then here I am to help you out. Because I believe that we all should keep trying on something new. It helps us to know more about other things as well as it develops our interest.

So, let’s just have a look at the other better options for Clash Royale which you can try out right now.

Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals is just a perfect game for casual mobile gamers and has a lower learning curve. It is a mixture of collectible card games and role-playing games. It is the combination of both the categories and so deliver the best experience to the users. No matter whether you are a new game player or an old one, you just need to have the 8 cards in a deck to compete in this game. Well, not a tough game, right? And rather I found it quite interesting.

Cards Wars: Adventure Time

As the name reflects, this game is going to be very much interesting. The game may look simple and easy but let me tell you guys, that this game requires the use of the strategies and very much over thinking in order to win the card war. You have to choose a different faction in the lane then they work with each other and you have to conclude the perfect combos. While concluding the combos, you will need to have the high-thinking power as well as you should know how you can make the best use of the strategies.

Order and Chaos Duels

order and chaos

This game supports 300 cards in all which you can collect and they all have the audacious imagination of the Order and Chaos games. Order and Chaos games have a substantial live and anachronistic multiplayer mode to revel in. Well, once you will get indulge in this game, you will find it very interesting and you will definitely gonna enjoy it.


Spellbinders is a parallel game of Clash Royale. The thing which makes it more interesting is that you can directly jump into the battlefield and ruin your opponents base rather than collecting the cards to form a powerful deck. So this is the only difference between the Clash Royale and Spellbinders. Unlike Clash Royale, you don’t need to collect the cards for the powerful deck. You can jump directly into the battlefield and destroy your opponents base before they ruin yours. Well, guys, I find it quite interesting and time-saving.

Card and Castles

Unlike, Card Wars: Adventure Time you don’t need to make use of the strategies and thinking in Card And Castles. So if you want to play a game which doesn’t require any use strategy and thinking then Card And Castle can be the best option because it is developed for the casual mobile gamers. Well, in this particular game you need to build your castles and battle against other players in a card fight. So make the best use of your power to conquer your enemies.

So, guys, if you are bored of using strategies in all the games then you must try Card And Castles for some simplicity.

Final Verdicts

Well, these are the best 5 alternatives of Clash Royale. So, guys just read the article properly and get informed about other best options available. Well, now I assure you guys, that after reading this article, you don’t need to get bore anymore. Because here you are with the best alternatives for Clash Royale which can be your best entertaining partner. There are more other games similar to CR, like Hay Day but their taste is different.

Try these games and get amused with these amazing stuffs. And if you want any other detail regarding these games then just contact us. Thank You.


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