Facebook Releases Hobbi, New App Similar To Pinterest

After acquiring social media marketing and creating a mark for itself with 2.5 billion users, Facebook has launched a new app Hobbi, a photo and video sharing app designed for documenting users hobbies.

An app similar to Pinterest, it is available only for iphone users and only in limited countries which include: Belgium, Colombia, Spain, Ukraine, and the US. Created by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation Team the app is expected to rise to become a legitimate challenger to Pinterest.

New Product Experimentation Team

fb experimental team

The New Product Experimentation Team of Facebook is working with experimenting on new products and services. Earlier also the NPE team has released various new services like Bump, a chat app for making friends, Aux, a social music app and Whale, a meme editor app. While Whale has already shut down, AUx and Bump are still available. 

While Aux is a music management app which helps one create party playlists. Bump is a social app which helps one find people nearby who have interest in chatting or dating.

Both the apps are still in the beta testing stage and have still not reached any significant relevance level. Thus, one can interpret that the apps developed by NPE are based on interpretation of how the users can interact on the platform.

Through this app, Facebook aims to provide all the users a photo-sharing platform where they can capture and organize their creative process like arts, craft, fitness, cooking, home decor and many more.

The app has been recently launched in 84 countries and may expand to other ones very soon. Through the success or failure of the app is still waiting as only time will tell, but the app provides various unique features.

Why Hobbi is Unique?


As the name suggests, the app aim on hobbyists. The app will really help customers concentrate on their hobbies, develop skills and learn from the other artists. Some of the unique features which make Hobbi different and a serious competitor of Pinterest include:

1. Tracking facility:

With the aim to organize photos of various projects into collections, Hobbi allows the users to track their progress over time. It allows one to get a complete idea of how and when they have created memories.

2. No social Sharing:

Despite being a Facebook New Product Experimentation Team product. The app does not have any social media sharing component. Thus one can stay private and make their own niche.

3. Create videos:

Once the photos have been uploaded and completed, Hobbi provides the option to create videos of projects. These video projects will provide better organization of the photos and a consolidated version of all the photos uploaded.

4. Huge User Base:

Being launched by Facebook, Hobbi automatically has a user reach of 2.5 billion which is not true for Pinterest which has roughly 250 million monthly users. This is also one of the main reasons for Drop in the shares of Pinterest after the launch of Hobbi.

These are some of the reasons why one can use Hobbi for photo collection and organization and act as a serious threat to the popularity of Pinterest.

Pinterest Still Rules Game

Pinterest is still good

Though the shares of Pinterest have tumbled some 6% after the launch of Hobbi. It still stays in the game with the first-mover benefit as Hobbi doesn’t have the “discoverability, search, and recommendations.” as that of Pinterest. AlsoPinterest provides the option to save the post which still seems missing on Hobbi.

While Pinterest helps in discovering new ideas and inspiring actions for the future through a community. Hobbi concentrates more on documenting and remembering what you have done in the past.

With a massive fan base that Pinterest has created, its strength lies in the way it blends concepts of other platforms. It provides each user the opportunity to design boards with their pins. Which acts as a social connection, unlike the other social media platforms focussed on communication.


While there is still speculation about the success or failure of Hobbi. Only time will tell if it will be able to surpass Pinterest and be like the next Twitter and Snapchat which built their success on doing fewer things than their competitors, but with a more refined execution or Pinterest stays its ground strong. While both are possibilities it is still too soon to give any final judgment on the success or failure of Hobbi.

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