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Facebook Releases Hobbi, New App Similar To Pinterest

After acquiring social media marketing and creating a mark for itself with 2.5 billion users, Facebook has launched a new app Hobbi, a photo and video sharing app designed for documenting users hobbies.

An app similar to Pinterest, it is available only for iphone users and only in limited countries which include: Belgium, Colombia, Spain, Ukraine, and the US. Created by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation Team the app is expected to rise to become a legitimate challenger to Pinterest.

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10 best video sites like YouTube

YouTube has grown as one of the number one video platform where millions of video is watched in a minute. YouTube is the largest video search engine today which contain videos in almost all category. But there are also good video platform where you can find good and interesting videos on different category.

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These Agri tech Startups Worth Millions

These Agri tech Startups Worth Millions. Featuring FarmCrowdy, Most Unique Agri tech! 

“The welfare of the farmers is vital to that of the whole country.”

William Howard Taft

You should raise a question, why urban cities and cultivated people only get a higher living style and more ways to earn money from the innovation? Why rural areas and some non-scholarly people don’t worth to enjoy the sweet fruits of innovation?

Have you hit hard? By just reading these two lines? If yes, then let me tell you something. That time has now become past where farmers were called with no respect. The demand for food is rising like never before thanks to expansion in the world’s population. Government and few entrepreneurs have understood that agriculture is the industry where the most number of innovation is needed to feed these much of people. Thus, in recent years, we have seen so many successful agriculture startups which make farming smart! According to techcrunch, in 2017, more than $1.5 billion was invested in Agri tech startups by more than 300 distinct investors. Brazil, USA, Israel, and India are the most favored countries for the Agri tech startups. In 2018, Israel reported 460 Agri tech startups and Brazil has seen 338 Agri tech startups. Yes, these numbers are far behind than the number of startups in the industry like finance and transportation. But we don’t have to miscalculate the challenges of Agri tech startups. Let’s highlight some of the most crucial challenges you have to overcome for your next Agri tech startup!

Challenges in Agri tech Startups?

First and most important challenge Agri tech startups have to consider is the target audience. Unlike other industry, people using Agri tech is non-techy. They like the way they have been doing farming. So, to convince them to use the digital services of the Agri tech is not really easy for any startup.

Another challenge Agri tech startup is facing is the challenge related to Geography bounty. For an E-scooter rental startup, it is easy to attract more groups of the users as they are sharing the same kind of geological bounties which is an urban city. But for an Agri tech startup, it is a real challenge to reach geologically distributed farmers.

But why still successful?

But thanks to government policies and feeding need of our world, Agri tech startups are still the most successful startups. According to a Deutsch report of 2017, the success rate of the Agri tech startups has increased from 47% to 66%  between 2005 and 2011.

Let’s quickly see one of the most unique and trending Agri tech startup.

  1. FarmCrowdy  
  • An insight into the company

FarmCrowdy is Nigerian startup, HQ in Lagos. The core purpose of this Agri tech startup is to empower poor farmers by connecting them with the farm sponsors who sponsor a farm, from where farmers get earning. Sponsors get a return at the end of every farming cycle. FarmCrowdy has started by CEO Onyeka Akumah and his team of the other three people. They have also launched a mobile app in November 2016. FarmCrowdy’ website claims that currently, there are 16,000+ acres of land is available for sponsorship and till now, more than 35000 farms have been sponsored. From these numbers, more than 10000 farmers get a chance of better-earning opportunity. In the company’s introduction video, the CEO says that their plan for the next five year is to empower as much as 50000 farmers.  

  • How this all started? 

During his early age, CEO Onyeka Akumah was running a poultry farm. He noticed that a lot of Nigerian people want to involve in farming, but they don’t have the skill to do farming in such a way that they can earn well. Additionally, he also noticed that a lot of people of Nigeria acquire land, but due to the economic barrier, they are not able to do farming on it. Thus, Onyeka Akumah decided to solve this problem by making a platform which connects the rich people who are interested in the farming, but don’t want to do farming and poor people who are not rich, but want to do farming!

  • How does it work?

Let’s understand it by dividing it between the number of users and the role of them. So, basically, there are main three key stakeholders in the business process of the FarmCrowdy. One is FarmCrowdy itself, another is sponsors and the third one is farmers.  

FarmCrowdy identifies the location and reaches to the Farmer association or Community leaders. As soon as they close the deal of land, they give the input of seed varieties and training to the farmers with tools. Now, a sponsor is someone who checks all farms details and takes the sponsorship of the farm. Once a farm is sponsored, farmers start doing farming, in return, FarmCrowdy pays them. Sponsors can track all farming activities and can also request to visit the farm. At the end of every farming cycle, FarmCrowdy pays to the sponsors.


Wait, We are not done yet. There are many more interesting Agri tech startups which are changing the agricultural industry.

  • Ninjacart
  • Insight into the company

Ninjacart is India based startup which aims to simplified the supply change process. Developing countries like India where farmers have already been facing financial problems, long supply chain process which has so many third parties are involved, is making it more difficult for farmers to earn a good profit of their hard work.

  • How does it beneficial?

Thus, Ninjacart comes with a platform where farmers can connect with the retailer directly. By eliminating third parties from the supply chain, the farmers earn good money on their vegetables and fruits. According to the Ninjacart website, farmers can generate more than 20% of revenue by using this platform. Additionally, retailers are also getting the product at low prices and thanks to Ninjacart’s delivery option, retailers don’t have to worry about the transportation of the product from the farm to stores.


  • Facts and Achievement

Ninjacart gets every day 300 tonnes of vegetables and fruits and it takes only 12 hours to transfer it from farm to stores. Apart from this, Ninjacart is awarded most innovative startup of Indie by Inc42 media in Nov 2018.

  • Agcode

Suppose you are an owner of too many farms. All of your farms are being utilized for farming by workers who are hired by you. Now, assume the situation where you have to manage the working hours of the worker, production report, pesticide reporting, financial activities and field notes of all your farms manually. Isn’t it very hard? Your answer would be yes. But by using AM3 software of the Agcode, it all seems like a piece of cake as the software is combined with business intelligence. They have launched an app too.

By using services of the Agcode, it is easy to perform tasks like field inspection, Payroll, Harvest and scale, mapping, grower management, budget, pick code, contractor tracking, pest control, billing, equipment tracking.

  • Farm Again

Farm again is the another India based agri tech startup started by Ben and Raj. The prior goal of their startup was to convert as many as land into organic land. Till now, they have converted over 2,500 acres of land into organic land which eventually helps farmers to earn more profit.

Farm again is the 30 members company with a revenue of $1 million. Till now, over 1000 farmers have signed up and the company is aiming to reach this number to 13000 by next year.

Recently Farm again has launched IOT devices such as CropSense, WaterSense, NutriSense, and ClimateSense with a mobile app. These are the devices farmers have to install at the farms. Whatever the data these devices collect can be seen by farmer on the mobile app of the Farm again. This is the revolutionary steps in the Agri tech which force us to think what would be the future of the agricultural!

  • Gold Farm

Many times due to lack of proper machinery and hard physical work, farmers become unable to generate more revenue. Thus they need the latest machinery for farming. But again, buying is not the only choice of farmers as they are not that much of economical fit. Gold Farm understands this compulsion of the farmers so well that they have created a platform where farmers can rent the farming equipment like solar water pump and tractors at a very affordable price. 


Few cyberpunks and innovative people of our world should have to give some sort of digital platform to the farmers to make sure they can work at the maximum capacity. Because by seeing the current need of the food and expansion of the popularity, it is safe to predict that by the year 2050, feeding demand of our world will increase by 59% to 98% (source: HBR). To satisfy these much of magnification, it is the alarm call for governments and entrepreneurs to motivate more and more farmers to use some of the industry defined technologies which have been applied precisely on traditional agriculture-related techniques to make it more efficient and productive. 

About the author:

Vishal Virani:

Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading mobile app development company. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends.

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The brighter side of Block-chain technology. Why Walmart, FedEx, and IBM have adopted it so quickly? 

What caused block-chain technology to evolve?

We are living in a time where all type of companies, either a giant tech company or a small business startup, are highly relying on big data. Big data is nothing but the collection of a large number of data which can not be analyzed with the traditional data-processing application.  By diving into the big data, companies can understand the customer’s behavior, and based on it, companies can make a more profitable business model to generate more revenue. In fact, almost 61% of companies have stated that they need big data to streamline the business. Thus, it is pivotal for any company to look after their big data. But here what all companies are concerned most is how they make sure that this much of data remain secure and untouched by unauthorized people. In a more broader way, big data had following threads which needed to be compromised.

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Achieve KYC Compliance with Shufti Pro

leaCompliance is a complicated process of interlinked procedures and adherence to guidelines and regulations that seem daunting for most companies to go ahead with. However, in the case of KYC compliance that seems a little more different. With the changing regulatory landscape, tightening regulations and the simultaneous rise of fraud. The requirement for KYC based compliance is the need of the hour.

Many companies either find it too difficult to establish an in-house KYC program or know how to go ahead with an external KYC set-up. That’s why we’ve made things a little simpler for all those companies and let you know how you can achieve kyc compliance with Shufti Pro.

aml-kyc-complianceNearing Your KYC Ambitions with Providers that Deliver

Yes, there are plenty of those stale KYC services and knock off KYC providers, claiming to be the next best variant in the market. However, decisions are not made on chest-thumping assumptions, rather ground level realities. Before you begin shopping out for your next best KYC service provider for Identity Verification. It’s important to assess your options on the points mentioned below.

Identity Verification

How does identity verification work for your provider? The process of identity verification might be straight forward but varies from company to company. See, each company goes about differently in approaching identity verification, whether that be external processes or internal ones. Some might be in-depth, through a verification based on database comparisons. While others might go for a more traditional template-matching technique. Each technique represents a significant edge over the other and defines the resources required to build and maintain the KYC processes and hence affect your requirements.

Face Verification

After fingerprints, the most widespread application of biometrics is through facial verification. Though not new, but fairly trendy. Facial Verification is vital for an effective KYC service. In order to vet your provider, facial verification services should be optimal and industry best. Ensure, they have 3D depth analysis, facial biometric mapping, and many more features that help it from spoofing elements.

Learn about creating PayPal account

Document Verification

Most KYC processes require an official identification document for proof, what if that turned out to be forged? Or your provider couldn’t spot it out, who’s to blame? Document fraud is one of the biggest concerns in the identity market and faced by all sorts of businesses. Ensure the provider has up to date checks on document forgery, form-related features, MRZ, doctored elements, Kinematic holographic overlay, and others. This shall ensure, even the trickiest of documents are sniffed out by an efficient AI-based KYC system.

KYC compliance is an area of grey, to which companies either respond slowly or in a manner that is not the ideal KYC attitude. Companies can achieve kyc compliance with Shufti Pro or any other 3rd party KYC service provider. A provider that is built on the elements listed above, while ideally keeping customer requirements in mind. Diligence requirements can be met quickly through simple and integrate-able solutions. The provider aids global companies through a versatile and globally compliant solution that serves document and language coverage spanning 200+ countries and associated jurisdictions.

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App-like web store is a reality! Thanks to Magento.

E-commerce world is highly competitive and everybody involved in the ecommerce business is running a race. Most of the cutting-edge platforms are trying their best to introduce a host of key capabilities. Every platform is coming up with new features and tools to make sure that they are the top choice of the ecommerce owners. Almost, all the ecommerce platforms have realized the importance of mobile. Therefore, the websites are more responsive and every effort is being done to make sure that the new-age ecommerce stores are fit for the mobile users. One of the ecommerce platforms has lately introduced visual product search for the Commerce Cloud. This is done to make the product catalogs as well as the web stores to a visual shopping assistant. But, one of the biggest announcement was done by Magento, as they introduced, Progressive Web Applications’ builder.

Why is Progressive Web Application (PWAs) builder a useful introduction?


PWAs enable us to develop solid engagement for the mobile users. Also, progressive apps help to boost revenue in many ways. PWAs offer mobile shoppers a much advanced browsing and buying experience. Also, it enables the online sellers to catch the fancy of more customers. This in turn leads to better traffic rate and eventually higher sales and profit. Therefore, PWAs are considered as the latest phase of mobile web optimization.

PWAs enable better user acquisition

Progressive Web Application contain an ‘Add to home screen’ button. And, it reduces the user acquisition pricing and also reduces the process. At the same time, the ‘linkbility’ of PWA eases data sharing. Also, the product page from Progressive Web Application can be easily copied as a link. It can be further used in the browser. PWAs are supported by search. What makes PWAs a top choice is the fact that they are easy to find! Also, they can be installed directly from the browser.

Also, PWAs are a lot more cost-effective. As, they are built as webpages. Hence, when it comes to the cost of development, it is a lot lesser. Also, the updates are ran automatically as PWAs are linked to the backend of e-commerce backend, and this, they are not reliant on the operating systems or marketplaces. Needless to say, PWAs are apt for the current generation. Hence, the need and demand of PWAs is always going to be high. Therefore, Magento has added a special feature which eases the development of app like web stores!

App-like web stores by Magento

Magento realized that PWAs are apt for the present generation. They are apps which are accessible through the browsers. Also, they provide more functionality than simple websites. Also, such apps are optimized for mobile.

Magento recently introduced a host of latest marketing capabilities. A large number of such capabilities are related to Progressive Web Application Studio. The latest features aims to offer tremendously personalized cross-channel mobile experience. Ecommerce owners won’t have to develop a native app to offer a mobile experience to the customers.

PWAs resemble mobile applications. But, they are browser-based and very interactive. However, users don’t have to do any downloads in order to use PWAs. When it comes to Magento’s latest PWA Studio, it is conceptualized perfectly to be used. It is company’s one of the first key effort to turn the online stores into a more interactive and advanced web-based applications. As per Magento, when it comes to the advancement of mobile web, PWAs are a seismic development. It is an upgradation to the responsive web design. Also, Magento is considered as one of the best solutions to offer PWA building at such a magnitude.

PWAs can be easily saved to the device’s home screen. A user would just have to click to open. Thus, it would not require a person to type in the URL after opening the browser. Also, PWAs are available in full-screen mode as well. But, there is a hidden browser URL bar at the top, along with the required navigation controls which are present at screen bottom. All this is done to offer a proper app like feel.

Mobile is going to grow. Thus ecommerce users have to do all that they can to offer a remarkable ‘mobile experience’ to their users. And, this new offering by Magento development company in India is definitely one of the best introductions.

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How the Impact of Animation is Transforming Logo Designs

The spectrum of digital content has been changing over the years. Illustrations and artwork that used to be hand-drawn are now being made digitally and it is certainly a great yet innovational advancement. With the emergence of digital marketing trends, you cannot survive among the competition if you cannot follow these trends and techniques. Some of these marketing types are extensive while some are highly simplistic. One such form of digital branding is a logo design and it has proven to be extremely effective throughout history.

Since the notion concept of having a logo is not old, one should not know that digitalization is responsible for changing it. Business owners that are looking to get a logo made should be looking for an animation video maker company as logos are now being animated.

animation dice

Following are the tips and advantages of having an animated logo design.


Pay heed to originality

The need for distinctiveness and uniqueness arises when the competition keeps getting tougher and tougher. A logo is your prime identity and if it is not memorable, unique and original then it will surely lose the purpose it is made for. With thousands of brands having the same offerings and services, the only way to be distinctive is to work on the logo itself. A logo might look like it is something extremely trivial but is not. Brand names could be similar but a logo would always be unique. It is what your brand is based upon and it is the only thing from which your audience will remember you.

Incorporate your story

Every brand has a story, a purpose, and a vision. These three elements should never be limited to only the brand but if you want your audience to associate with your brand’s mission and values then you would need to present them visually. Words are easily forgotten but visuals are always remembered. Uniqueness counts here as well but you have to form your logo in such a manner that it displays what your brand stands for and the values it upholds. A static logo might not be as effective therefore, it is better to animate it so that it contains the complete story of your brand.

Cost effective branding form

This factor is not related to the things you have to follow when designing a logo instead it depicts why an animated logo should be your number one priority. Businesses will never run short of digital marketing and branding techniques but not every such technique is cost-effective. Some of these marketing forms take years to generate fruitful results while some do not work at all. However, a logo is a one-time investment that will stick with you for the lifetime of your brand. You do not have to form your marketing campaigns repeatedly as an effective logo is enough.

The first impression matters

The key to a successful logo is its ability to leave a positive impression. If the first impression is not a good one then your customers or audience would not want to give your brand a second chance. This step is difficult, as you cannot experiment the design styles and concepts for your logo. Once the logo is out to the public, it will be judged for how it is, what it represents and what value it carries. If you do not want the outcome of your logo to be ineffective then you should enhance its appeal, focus on conveying your brand’s offerings or propositions and the vision you have established for your brand.

Works for building brand identity

While most of the renowned brands of today have static visuals as their logos but they still use animated logo forms for special occasions or branding events. Animation has proven to be a dynamic form of media as compared to images and textual content. A logo is meant for much more than brand identity as it can be also used for enhancing awareness about your brand amongst your potential audience. If you animate your logo and make its design unique then it will not be easily forgettable. Customize it so that it looks unique and infuse your brand’s message so that the audience feels emotionally connected to it.




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Avoid the 7 Most Common Mistakes in Social Networks

Having a good strategy for social networks is essential to promote a company and improve the brand image. Social networks bring the possibility of having a much more fluid and direct conversation with the audience and also allow humanizing. But do we use them correctly? Do we give them the appropriate use? And above all, do we take full advantage of them with an adequate strategy?

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How to Install a Wireless Adapter

A wireless adapter installed in your computer allows you to connect to a network without using Ethernet cables. There are external and internal wireless adapters available for purchase for desktops and laptops. They are usually in the form of an internal network card, a wireless PC card, or an external USB device. Once connected to the network, the adapter allows your computer to transmit and receive information from the router. You will need the software for the adapter to properly install it. Things You Need To know about  Wireless Adapter Installation Disk.

 Instructions for the installation process:

1. Insert the Wireless Adapter Installation CD into the computer’s disk drive. The installation wizard window opens. If the window does not open, click “Start”, then “My Computer” and double-click on the disk drive. The window opens automatically.

2. Follow the instructions in the Wireless Adapter Installation Wizard. Accept the License Terms and choose a location on your operating system to store the application files. When the wizard has finished click the “Finish” button.

3. Connect the wireless adapter to the computer. If the adapter is a USB device, insert it into a free USB port. If it is a PC card, insert it into an available PC slot. If the wireless adapter is an internal adapter, turn off the computer, disconnect all connection cables, and open the computer case. Insert the card into an open card slot and secure the antennas. Replace the case, reconnect the cables to the computer, turn it back on and connect in each case, the system will automatically detect and install the new adapter. A pop-up window in the notification bar displays a message that the new hardware is installed.

4. in the system tray click to the “wireless” icon. Click on an available network in the pop-up list to connect. Click the “Connect” button and enter the network password if necessary.

A wireless LAN (LAN) is a network of computers connected wirelessly via RF signals. ALAN “wired” comprises of a few PCs that are associated utilizing Ethernet links. Albeit poor flag quality and lower web speed can influence wireless systems, wireless LANs appreciate a few essential advantages over link systems. Convenience one of the most important benefits of wireless networks is the ease of connecting to Internet and network resources. An Ethernet cable is not required for each device. You can have much useful information about wireless adopters at I found it really informative. Another advantage is that wireless networks are not limited by physical ports on the network hardware. Dozens of computers can connect to a wireless router. Wireless networks are also useful for on – demand connectivity; it would be much heavier to connect to the Internet in public places like cafes or restaurants if each user had to use a Mobility Ethernet cable.

Attempting to move a mobile device with an attached rope is difficult. Depending on the strength of the wireless signal, you may be able to move hundreds of meters away or up and down floors of a building without losing your signal.

Wireless Networks Range 

May have a greater reach than wired networks and may allow network computers when using ropes might be difficult. For example, if you have a wireless router on the bottom floor of a building, it might be difficult to run a cable to a floor to network a computer on the second floor.With a wireless router, signals can pass through objects that allow computers to be easily networked through ceilings, walls, and potentially between buildings. Physical obstructions can, however, decrease the strength of the wireless signal.


A wireless system may cost not exactly a conventional system since it requires less bits of physical equipment to set up. All that is required for a wireless system is a wireless switch and a wireless connector introduced in every PC that will associate with the switch. Numerous new PCs accompany wireless connectors worked in.

How to maximize a Linksys WRT330N router ?

Linksys WRT330N router

A Linksys wireless router WRT330N computer emits a signal to create a wireless computer network. This signal has a very specific range, and due to the fact that the WRT330N is a consumer-level router this range will not extend over great distances. However, there are a few things you can do to set up your computer to optimize the signal that is being broadcast by your WRT330N and take full advantage of the wireless benefits it has to offer


1. Place your wireless router in the geographical center of your home or office. Your Linksys wireless router does not broadcast its wireless signal in a straight line – it broadcasts in a circle. Therefore, if you physically place the router in the center of the area you are going to work in, you can maximize its broadcast capabilities and allow more devices to connect wherever they are in your home.

2. Move your wireless device near your Linksys wireless router that you can get. The further wireless signal needs to move, weaker than the signal will eventually be. A weak signal will provide a slow Internet connection and a slow file transfer rate. If you have just moved your wireless device closer to the Linksys router, the signal it is picking up will be stronger.

3. Put a password on the wireless network that is broadcast by your Linksys router. While this will not actually alter the strength of the signal that is broadcast in any way, it can still optimize the connection by only allowing devices with the password to connect. In this way, unwanted individuals will not be able to steal your bandwidth and slow down your wireless internet connection or LAN connection.

4. Make sure no other wireless devices are in the same area as your Linksys router. Wireless devices (such as some models of cordless phones) can interfere with the signal that is being broadcast by the wireless router simply by acting on similar frequencies. Remove this interfering device from the same region as your Linksys router to maximize its ability to function as intended.

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Is there a difference between cryptocurrencies and tokens? What you should know

If in 2009, anyone would have asked you about crypto assets, there is a high probability that you would be clueless. However, a lot has changed since then. Cryptocurrencies particularly have taken over the financial market. At times when other currencies were tumbling, cryptocurrencies continued to grow. Currently, Bitcoin alone has a massive market capitalization of over $113 billion.

It is easy to forget that cryptocurrency coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum are just one type of crypto asset. A lot of people tend to confuse tokens with