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6 Killer Marketing Ideas for Small Business Start-ups

Opting for launching a start-up is quite a challenging task. But none of them is as precarious as the struggle to establish itself as a brand and maintain the positive inflow of cash.

Remember that being a start-up does not mean curtailing of the ambitions. You can still think big even if the money is a constraint. This is primarily because it is a digital world now and money is no longer the limitation.

Remember that building your brand is a perpetual process and so you should nurture an out-of-the-box thought process. That way you can come up with many killer marketing ideas for which you don’t have to dig a hole in your pocket.

Here some of them are enlisted. Jut take a look.

Start Engaging with the Customers – At a time when your business is new, the first goal is not to go out and start selling.  Instead you should try and engage with the customers, get to know the audience and understand their perspectives. You can take advantage of the social media and engage with the target demographic without any motive to sell. This should be devoid of any other intention and should be done with the aim of providing support. You can share the content belonging to someone else, like their pictures, comment on the posts and offer solutions to their issues. The more visibility your brand acquires the better it is going to pay in the long run.

Publish Great Content – You should know that the kickass content has always been the king. If you are a content creator yourself, then it is even better. If writing is not something that you do well, then you can assign a professional who will supply you with good content that will be intriguing for your audience. Nowadays content is not just confined to writing. But you can also create interesting videos that can entice your audience.

Build a Referral Network – One of the most powerful forms of advertising is word-of-mouth. As people make purchases on the credibility and trust, you can leverage their network and get referrals. This can be conducted in 2 ways–

Deliver top-quality results to the clients apart from offering a stellar service or product, communicate frequently and openly with the customers throughout the transaction course.

Transparency is essential for the start-ups and that is why you should ask feedback’s from your clients even if something goes wrong. This way you will learn about the personas of your clients, their level of satisfaction and much more which will help you to develop on these later.

Create an Elevator Speech – No matter where you go you should be always marketing for your brand. An adult has an attention span of about 6-8 seconds. Hence you should be able to grab the attention within that phase. Once that is done, you have just a minute or two to sell them your product or service. This leads to business opportunity creation and you are bound to receive return on investment in the form of dividends.

Giveaway Samples – As said earlier, being a start-up, you won’t be able to grab the attention of your audience easily. Until and unless, you build a niche for your business, your marketing strategy won’t be able to get the desirable results. That is why think intelligently and in order to form an opinion you can distribute giveaways and samples. Once that is done, ask the customers to oblige. You can ask the recipients for giving their feedback and writing reviews on social media. This also generates positive vibes for the products which can bring value in future.

Try Being a YouTube Star – It is a myth that YouTube videos must be revolutionary in order to make a mark. On the contrary, you can make instructional videos that have quite a separate fan base. A big impact can be created by sharing expert knowledge. For example, if yours is a customization business, then you can share videos about how intelligently people can design or customize products to get the message through. YouTube also offers opportunities to review products and demonstrate them. So you should concentrate on making your videos informative rather than revolutionary. Podcasts are also a great way of grabbing the attention of the clients.

Apart from the above, start-ups can also organise events with the help of event management professionals in order to make their presence felt in the industry and impress the audience.

All these will help you to create your niche in the industry without breaking the bank and bring in the buzz for your brand. 

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Twitter marketing: Creative ways to connect with your audience


    Every business whether big or small are using social media for their marketing activities. There are numerous social media platforms available to the audience and each one has its own distinct personality, usage, and features but one (most important, again most important) thing that these platforms have similar is the huge number of users. 

This makes it essential for a business to be aware, present and interact with the audience over these platforms to stay updated and be relevant to the consumers. 

This article specifically discusses Twitter, as a platform for marketing and its in and outs for any business. 

About Twitter 

About Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform that enables macro communications and interactions among its users worldwide. 

Twitter serves multiple purposes for the users to share their opinions, experiences, news, promotional content and photos and videos for the audience at large to see. And it has over 330 million daily active users making it one of the most popular platforms. 

Given the exposure and reach of Twitter, Businesses have identified it as a marketing opportunity to attract, engage and convert with the audience. 

What is Twitter marketing though? 

Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing in simple terms is promoting your brand or business to the users with Twitter as a medium. As Twitter provides you to share information and firm-generated content, networking, and communications among both Business-to-business and business-to-consumer, interact and provide support to users, building a reputation and creating a brand identity and promotion through Twitter marketing tools. 

Twitter marketing might be one of the most effective tools as the user engagement rate is extremely high and instant reactions and feedback can be captured allowing you to track and evaluate your marketing strategy.

Importance of Twitter marketing

    Twitter is one of the top 5 social media platforms in this day and age. And with its huge user base, being present on Twitter won’t pull it off for you. 

It is vital for you to tap into Twitter’s user base.  Therefore, you need to have active and influential participation in the game to be noticed by the audience. And, Twitter marketing lets you achieve that. 

Twitter marketing tools let you effectively research, classify and target users based on their interests and experiences which will extract better results for your business. 

We have listed a few ways to use Twitter marketing to connect with the audience.

1. Embed Twitter feeds on your website

Embedding Twitter feeds onto your website is a great tactic to grow your business as well as strengthen your social media presence.

There are various embedding tools that help you embed Twitter feed on your website and this would help you to develop a connection between your social media and commerce, drive the traffic from Twitter to your website and vice-versa, and most importantly establish trust and sense of authenticity among the users at Twitter wall embedding will act as a social proof for your business. 

With the options of filtering relevant quality content, personalization, moderation, and analytics, these tools will provide a great push to your marketing strategy. Further, Free trials are also available for these tools so, make the most use of these helping hands to your business. 

2. User-generated content – A win-win strategy

User-generated content is the most trust-worthy source of information over the internet, especially for consumers. Therefore, it is essential that you reap in all the quality user-generated content linked to your business from Twitter and re-market it for your promotion. 

It is a win-win strategy for you as you don’t have to invest resources in developing promotional content and users will feel rewarded and connected to the business as you are valuing and reaffirming their opinions, feedback or experiences. 

This would build a sense of community and encourage the audience to participate more with the business. 

3. Use of Visuals, also Twitter video

Nobody is interested in plain text anymore. Posts with images and videos perform 6 times better comparatively. Visuals are more engaging and eye-catchy to the users and also visual feel more personal and interactive.

Also Twitter gives you the option to upload 140-seconds video so, you can use this to provide product views and descriptions, share interactive testimonials, assign emotional quotient, reviews, and consumer feedback. This could help you build a more authentic, creative and interactive brand. 

4. Encourage conversation and involvement 

The most beneficial aspect of any business is an excellent consumer-brand relationship. Persistent engagement with the brand leads to an enhanced loyal consumer base. 

Businesses should continuously interact with the consumers and encourage the audience to share their ideas, experiences or feedback. Conducting chat sessions, gamification, QnA videos, personalized interactions with the users, responding to tweets should be done to make the consumers feel valued, respected and the sense of being heard. Also, Humor should be a constantly appearing trait in your content as it is a magnet that ropes in a fresh audience. 

This will help the brand to grow exponentially attracting new customers with the help of persisting positive word-of-mouth, brand loyalty and consumers being representatives to the brand.

To Conclude

As we have seen that Twitter is an excellent tool for marketing and therefore, it is essential that you take the right approach to it, rather than just spending money without an agenda. 

Consumer-centric marketing over Twitter is will help you create brand loyalty, understand the audience and their needs and requirements better and building relationships with the audience and eventually leading to a better connect with the audience. 

You could use these ideas to help grow your business. Comment below, if you have any views or insights about Twitter marketing. 

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Top 4 Audio-books for Becoming Successful in Digital Marketing

As an extremely busy entrepreneur, you may struggle to find enough time to relax and do what you love to do. If you like to read, which you should as an entrepreneur, then this piece is for you. Listening to audio-books is a good way to learn new stuff. It is especially a good way for entrepreneurs who are almost always short of time.

Besides, today’s business world runs on digital marketing and you should ideally be an avid reader if you want to do well in this field.

New technology and advanced techniques are readily available and everyone has to keep up. The ones who don’t keep up will automatically be left behind. That is a no-brainer.

The best part about listening to audiobooks is that you can do it while commuting between work and home, during your daily workout routine, or while doing any other task.

Getting started with Amazon audible is one of the best ways to listen to high-quality audiobooks. There are many different blogs and podcasts which you may find more feasible compared to reading an entire book.

Digital Marketing Audiobooks

A number of researches have shown that a variety of people may not prefer reading books but they opt for a book’s audio version. But if a person wants to advance his career in a digital marketing field then he should give a lot of preference to reading books.

Any handbook that one chooses to read will have detailed information about all particular events. All such information may not be available in podcasts.

Essential information may be missing in blogs or different YouTube videos too. So it is preferable that one chooses an audio or digital format for reading marketing books.

These handbooks are also available in a variety of easy-to-digest formats. So, one may enjoy reading a particular book according to their needs and demands. Books also help an individual to improve his cognitive abilities. It keeps your brain active and also helps in improving a person’s memory.

Creativity counts a lot if one wants to be successful in the world of digital marketing. Reading books opens a gateway to new ideas and they even challenge an individual’s imagination. Due to these reasons, the top 4 best audiobooks of all time to become successful in digital marketing have been listed down below.

  1. Digital Marketing for Dummies

Image Source: Bright Edge

It is one of the top digital marketing books by Ryan Deiss and Russ Henneberry. It is an exceptional reference book including many current details, insights and a variety of advice.

This book has almost 300 pages covering a customer’s journey, marketing and blogging techniques, emails, and a number of paid displays.

This book also provides 57 category ideas related to blogging. There are a few chapters which are even providing information on how to locate accurate marketing jobs. Even resume building techniques have been provided in this handbook.

 2. Everybody Writes

Image source: Book Authority

If one wants to reach new heights in their business then they should surely opt for this book. It is a go-to guide if one wants to create and publish good quality content. Like this one can also attract and retain a wide range of customers through the process of online communication.

One will be a publisher if they have a particular website and a digital marketing expert if they have social media accounts.

It is through words that a particular business’s marketing message is conveyed to the masses. In short, every individual is relying on the power of words to become an expert in the field of marketing. 

So, Everybody Writes is a great book if one wants to excel in the field of digital marketing because it provides ways on how to produce high-quality content, Exceptional content is a way to thrive in the world of digital marketing.


3. Don’t Make Me Think Revisited

Image source: Bright Edge

A variety of social networking sites act as an interface among a variety of businesses and their potential customers. So, the efforts of digital marketers make go in vain if they are not active on a variety of social media websites. This book presents a number of ways by which customers can be attracted to your particular business.

The author also explains that how a particular book’s scamming is done by a reader. The book consists of 191 pages and is quite colorful with a variety of headings and subheadings. If marketers have their websites then they should periodically read this handbook.

4. Master Content Marketing: A Simple Strategy   

It is one of the best digital marketing books for beginners. It provides effective techniques related to content marketing. This book is written by a business owner and an expert consultant in the field of digital marketing.  

This book is best for B2B and B2C businesses who want to excel in the field of digital marketing through effective content creation. A variety of stress-free and repeatable ways have been discussed in this book through which one is able to create high-quality content for their customers.                                            

These are the top 4 best audiobooks for all time for individuals who want to excel in the field of digital marketing.                                                                                                                

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6 Amazing YouTube SEO Tips From Google Publications

We all have a special admiration for the YouTube recommendation engine. It is one of the smartest innovation by Google. 70 percent of the YouTube watch time is driven by YouTube recommendations.

Google has also launched papers to inform how the YouTube recommendation engine works. Yet, rather than understanding it properly, we emphasize on getting higher rankings on YouTube search results without knowing the first thing about it. We are writing this article to share the six amazing YouTube SEO tips we have extracted from the Google Publications. Here they are


Metadata holds a special significance in the SEO world. Keyword optimization in the metadata has remained an important factor of a great SEO strategy. Now when YouTube has gotten so smart that it can drive closed captions from your videos and can extract information from the content by themselves, you just cannot ignore the significance of Metadata.

YouTube publication on Recommendations told that Metadata is still an integral part of the recommendation cycle. In order to make your video available for the recommendation, you need to provide the very relevant and ample information to every video. It must contain the following things:

Meta Title:

Inculcate the targeted keywords into Meta title in such a way that it makes the audience curious or excited. Attention grabbing titles are more important on YouTube than any other platform because the platform highly relies on the recommendations rather than that of the search results.

Meta Description:

A keyword embedded description which clearly explains the intent of the video is important to gain traction. The more useful and precise information you provide via descriptions the easier it will be for the algorithms to identify the relevance. Relevant and optimized meta description improves the chances to appear in the recommendations.


Keyword tags are still important to YouTube videos. They are completely functional unlike the Meta tags on the search engine. Utilize the primary and related keywords to better demonstrate your video’s intent. Like if you’re discussing Cox internet packages in your video you’ll use tags like Cox internet, Cox internet bundles, etc.


Including your video into the playlists related to your content is also a smart way to engage the targeted audience. Or you can recommend your own playlist at the end of your videos. If your playlist does well, you can retain the viewer fora long time.


Utilizing your keyword into the filename doesn’t have that big of an impact as it used to have but still, the practice doesn’t hurt anything.

Closed Captions:

Though YouTube’s closed captions are quite accurate you can’t solely rely on them. You need to provide a full transcript into your metadata for better results.


A thumbnail should be eye-catching. It shouldn’t contain text but an attractive image or glimpse of the video to persuade the potential audience.

Ranking factors:

There are several ranking factors which also contribute towards the ranking of videos rather than that of the relatedness and co-visitations. Let’s discuss them:

  • Video Quality:
    The video quality signals include the following factors:
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • User ratings
  • Number of shares
  • Watch time
  • No. of views
  • Upload time
  • Content diversity
  • Content relatability- the search engine boost the videos which are related to the user search history on the platform

Understanding the mechanism of Co-visitation:

This is where we will get into the real meat of the YouTube recommendation engine. The recommendation engine is a fundamental building block for YouTube. It is a smart mechanism of mapping out a set of related videos. The similar videos are mostly the videos which a particular user enjoy watching, rather than the content which is necessarily similar. This mapping is also known as co-visitation.

You can accomplish co-visitations by doing the following things:

  • Publish your videos on to the platforms which send traffic to other popular videos.
  • Create responsive videos after a short time period of the initial video
  • Target keywords
  • Create YouTube specific videos

Co-visitation plays a great role in the success of a video. For example, if two videos have a high co-visitation rate, and one of them is not so popular, the relatedness score for the candidate video will still be high and it will good ranking on the YouTube. It clearly tells that your video can pick up traffic from recommendations. You’ll require people to watch a particular type of video to watch your video within that short period of time.

User data:

It goes without saying that we don’t have any direct control over the user data. We certainly can’t optimize without understanding the role of user data. The data is divided into two categories: Explicit and Implicit.

  • Explicit: Explicit data includes video likes, subscriptions, etc.
  • Implicit: Whereas implicit data includes watching time and views etc.

In order to optimize the user data, it is important to encourage the likes and subscribers but on the other hand, it is also necessary to create valuable content which helps to boost the implicit data.

Video Content:

The data within the video is becoming more and more important with every passing day. YouTube explicitly take the raw video stream as a source of information. It analyzes the audio of the video and generates automated transcripts which call for the inculcation of your focused keyword into the audio. You can reference the name of any YouTube channel to whom you’re trying to respond or compete with. This will increase the chances of appearing up in the recommendations.

In-User Personalization:

YouTube Recommendation engine just don’t suggest the videos due to the relatedness but also according to the search pattern and history of the viewer It utilizes in-user personalization mechanism to recommend videos.


YouTube recommendation engine is user intent central. Understanding the Working of YouTube recommendation engine can drastically improve the chances of success for your YouTube SEO strategy.

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10 SEO rules for designers to know?

SEO stands for Search engine optimization is an important tool that creates prominence of a brand. SEO make strategies online for making the websites in the first place of the google search engine. Through this, the brand gets more recognition around the world. Companies implement this on their business website for making a distinctive image. Hence, all the designers that are the backbone of this domain are the primary readers of this content. This article created for the designers to understand the rules that must apply while making an effective strategy. Subsequent are the ten main rules that will instantly enhance the website SEO.

Rule 1: Never try underhand

Google is the biggest name in the world. It is impossible for you to fool the genius living in this organization and serving to maintain the high quality of this search engine. Hence, to make an outstanding SEO strategy, you should be smart and not follow any false advice. You just have to focus on the content of your website and it will enhance your appearance in the searches.

Rule 2: Focus on keywords

SEO entirely based on keywords. What you have to do is just picking up the right keywords that clearly defines your business with the words that are mostly chosen to search on Google. Therefore, while making the content of a website, it is necessary to add all the relevant keywords in all the pages according to the inverted pyramid method so that your website can easily get to the first place in searching. Many businesses are keen on finding the best SEO management company, which can easily create the best strategy for keywords. However, you as a designer can easily do it yourself by considering all the rules.

web Programmer

Rule 3: Use human readable code

It is important for a designer to build the website in a text editor. The HTML code should base on concepts. It should perfectly create in a proper manner that includes some specific stages of the content needs to cover. Always use UL for list and P for paragraphs and much more shortcuts.

Rule 4: Home page is significant

Make sure you critically analyze the content of the main page. It should contain all the main worlds that are relatable to all the other pages so that it can easily connect with all the other content on the website. This page is also important because it is the first impression that attracts people easily.

Rule 5: Links are always meaningful

Google search engine keenly focus on the links used on your website and the names used in those links. It is advised not to use see more like a link. Always use the topic name to which the link will direct the customer.

Rule 6: Add tags in the title

Every page of your website should contain a tag with a brief description that contains the keyword. The description should not be much longer. It can be for about 30 words in total. Remember that the titles are those that appear in the search engine. If it is well written than there is a chance to gather the audience towards the website.

Rule 7: Alt tags are important

In order to make your website creative, pictures are added hugely. However, if the pictures do not tell you anything then there is a huge drawback and you can consider making a false decision of adding many pictures. Hence, it is necessary to all Alt tags to all your website images so that people can easily get directed to some important information through the pictures.

Rule 8: Eliminate the use of Meta tags

Meta tags are known for the enhancement of SEO strategy a long time ago. However, it considers obsolete now. The only Meta tag that is used by the designs is the tag in description. Google search engine uses this ta to describe anything while giving a brief description of the tagged word under a box that appears when the mouse places on it.

Rule 9: Website should have a complete site map

It is necessary for every designer to create a proper map of its website. The design should be in an XML file and one of its copy should be sent to the google for making a clear understanding of your design.

Rule 10: Website design should be according to human requirements

Search engine creates to satisfy the audience by having the right results on finding something. Hence, it is important for a designer to consider that they are creating a website for humans. It should cover all the requirements of a human with the best design that attracts all the potential customers towards it. You should take this into account that you are here is a problem solver, not an artist that is adding colors to the site. You are responsible to create a strong image of the website so that people can easily find it.


All the designers that are making their way to SEO should consider all the above mention rules and regulations. This will boost their appearance in the searching result and a business can easily get its place in the first five searching results on google search engine.

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Tips to Improve Your Web design Business with Instagram Promotion

Most businesses have an internet presence today. Why your web design venture is an exception? Today, the competition is stiff and therefore, brands are walking the extra mile to implement innovative methods and strategies to survive. The best way to take your business to the next level is by investing in professional website design services. This way, most of the small and medium-sized companies would like to design their websites to stand out in the crowd.

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8 SEO Mistakes Which Can Ruin Your Business!

SEO has becomes the bread and butter of digital marketing techniques. Your online presence is dependent on a wide number of factors, which collectively fall under the SEO umbrella. Be it your presence, positioning or offerings everything needs to be catered from a digital eye. When companies indulge in SEO related activities they jump-start certain activities without realizing that improper efforts can very well come back haunting their businesses in more ways than one.

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The Nuts and Bolts of a Profitable Instagram Marketing Strategy

There are more than 25 million business profiles on Instagram as per and all of them are vying for the attention of users. Therefore, getting noticed on the world’s fastest-growing social media can be a problem for most marketers. While the presence of one billion-plus Instagram users is too attractive for businesses to miss out on, the absence of an effective Instagram marketing strategy usually results in wastage of precious time, effort, and money not to speak of valuable opportunities of acquiring a customer base. Some tips on crafting a profitable Instagram marketing strategy.

Determine Your Target Audience

Unless you know your target audience, you will not know how to talk to them and engage their attention. It is vital that you study the demographics of your audience before you start creating content for them because the factors like age, gender, interests, location, etc. have a big effect on what they like. It is also important to know what other brands they are interested in and what hashtags they follow so that you can customize your content accordingly.

Determine Your Marketing Objectives

It may sound very basic but it is very important to decide what your Instagram marketing objective is because otherwise, you will not be able to find out if your campaign has been successful or not. List down the different objectives of your marketing campaign; these could range from increasing the number of real Instagram followers, boosting brand awareness, driving conversions, and more. Decide which metrics are appropriate for monitoring so that your marketing campaign can stay on track.

Analyze the Content Published by Competitors

For your marketing strategy to be successful, not only must you know your audience but also your competition. Find out who your biggest competitors are and see how they are trying to engage their audiences with content and tactics. In addition to establishing what content is most popular by analyzing the likes, comments, and shares, you should also investigate the form of the content, the hashtags being used, and the CTAs. If they are doing something well, you need to think doubly hard how to do it better.

Make a Content Strategy

Instagram strategy

Content is undoubtedly the most important element of your Instagram marketing strategy as it is only with the right content will you be able to build your brand, increase awareness, and achieve your business objectives. You need to be able to make the right choice of content from photos, videos, stories, user-generated content, influencer marketing, contests, polls, and more. Creating a content calendar is equally important because content posting cannot be arbitrary. You also need to post at the times when your target audience is the most active for increasing the opportunity to see. A content calendar will also let you know if there is a shortage of content or if there are extended periods when no content is posted.


There is nothing that is ever constant about an Instagram marketing strategy. You need to be able to track the performance of your campaign and keep on tweaking it so that you can optimize the user engagement and boost conversions. Instagram Insights or a host of other third-party analytics tools can help you track the performance metrics efficiently.

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Top 5 Principles to Improve Your Sites Loading Time

In the internet world, one of the most frustrating things end users may and can experience, is a website that takes an age to load.

When it comes to business, those additional seconds it takes for your site to load, could be the difference between a sale and a customer lost.

You may not realise this, but for every fraction of a second it takes for your site load, that increases the chance of your would-be customer from leaving your website entirely in search of a faster site. This is the case, even if your product is the best in the industry.