How to Become a More Productive Blogger in Simple Steps

Blogging is not an easy task especially when you try t without having proper knowledge. There exist some rules and tips for blogging like any other task. Blogging is a bit different from any other task. Blogging needs a lot of effort as well as time and concentration. To become a blogger a person needs to dedicate all his effective time to blogging.

In this age of fastest growing technology, everyone dreams to have a personal blogging site and have millions of active users on it. However, not everyone gets success and fulfills this dream, there are several reasons behind it. The main reason is the lack of knowledge and understanding.

For blogging, there is a need to have the proper knowledge and understanding the basics of blogging. His way only will help a person to become a famous and successful blogger. For this reason, the relevant article will specifically describe a few simple and easy steps that everyone can follow to make blogging more productive and earn real money through blogging.

A few simple steps are as follows:

Choose a Niche

what is you blog title

The very first step before starting a blog is nothing else than selecting a niche of your relevant interest. Although it sounds common, it is a very important step. The very common mistake that most people do is they have no proper aim and do not even know what to start. Choosing a proper niche and start blogging about it must be the main goal while blogging.

There are several niches to choose for blogging. A few are:

  • Lifestyle blog
  • Travel blog
  • Beauty blog
  • Health blog
  • Food blog

These are a few simple ideas about starting a blog. Although, there are many other ideas available.

Set Priority

Setting priority and making your priorities clear is another important step to become a productive blogger. While blogging your first priority should be writing and the second must be creating unique content. This way helps you become a productive blogger very easily.

When concentrating on writing and creating unique content consistently this will generate more audience and increase the engagement of the site. Which will prove to be helpful in becoming a productive blogger?

Set goals and start working on them

For productive blogging, the other important step is to set goals. Goal and proper planning make the vision clear about what to do and how to do. Setting smart goals for blogging and keeping them in your plans is a good idea. This will result in successful and productive blogging.

Goals and plans are always very important and prove to be so helpful in growing and expanding any sort of work, whether it is blogging or something else. Therefore, the aims and goals are necessary for achieving success.

Do every possible effort to achieve your Aim

how to promote blog

While starting a blog, obviously your aim is to become a successful blogger and take your blogs from the ground to a certain height. You should stick to your aim and try every possible thing to maintain and concentrate on your aim.

Aims also play an important role in the development and growth of any sort of work, business or anything of your interest. Therefore, being ambitious about successful and productive blogging will help to achieve your goals.

Try using productive tools

While talking about productive blogging, the first thing to consider is to make use of productive blogging tools. These tools provide proper guidance and provide complete help in understanding and working as a blogger. There are several tools for this purpose.

Some of the top tools for blog writing are the FindFocus website blocker, WordPress. For creating visual content, the top tools are Canva and Pixabay. For proofreading Grammarly is the best online tool. Other tools are Dropbox, Trello, Toggl and Buffer App.

Be consistent

A mostly known and the simplest key to success in blogging is consistency. Be consistent while creating unique content and keep on sharing that content with great consistency. This will lead to more engagement and interaction of the audience on your blogging site. That in return helpful for becoming a successful and productive blogger in less time.

You would have heard repeatedly that consistency is the key. It applies to blog, to become a successful and productive blogger in less time keep on doing hard work with consistency.

Keep on doing hard work and do not worry about your Competition

The other important thing that contributes to productive blogging is hard work and a strong determination. Just keep one thing in your mind while blogging, that why did you start blogging? You started it, keeping in mind your passion and interest in blogging. Forget everything else. Simply stick to your goal and do not compare yourself with other bloggers.

There is nothing wrong in it on having a look at other blogger’s work and taking help from them, that how they are working. In addition, comparing yourself with them is not a good idea. Comparison only results in demotivation. Everyone has a different mindset and different way of doing work, therefore comparing is a not so good idea.


Blogging is becoming very popular nowadays due to its wide communication and being a strong marketing strategy. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone who wants to start a blog to learn the basic tools and simple tips to become a productive blogger. This article described some of the top ways by which a person can become a successful productive blogger in less time. In addition, the key to becoming a productive blogger is consistency and hard work.


Marketing is all about building an impactful perception of a brand. Agree?

Why marketing is so important to a business? Why it has so much power to attract a huge fraction of people towards a brand? Why businesses spend their time and money on marketing strategies? With these, there are a lot more questions that puzzle the new entrants in the business industry. It is due to the fact that these marketing strategies are so involved in our daily life that we didn’t even realize that we are being attracted to something in some way.


How to Market Your Business with Instagram

Instagram deals with the idea of social media. You can absolutely make pictures there and like in various different, other social media platforms without much stretch and share those photographs as to different people to see. There is a plausibility to locate your present clients at the individual dimension.

Consequently, it’s likewise savvy to try to provide for them actualities and pictures that you’ve not conveyed ahead along with any person. Behind-the-scene photographs can be interesting and helpful. These individuals may enable you to locate the perfect number of people that will doable by means of shares for you.

instagram homepage

This most recent time is of Information and innovation. Brand new programming projects are being developed along with each driving day and they are utilized for different capacities that may help you specifically or an endeavor. There are heaps of websites concerning communicating diverse assortments of multimedia framework records, including designs, video instructional exercises, and numerous others.

Making promoting from the picture arranging and communicating these individuals alongside plenty of people can be significant superb methods associated with an appropriation of news about your business. You can discover one of a kind internet designs and social media locales, including Instagram, which could likewise prove to be handy in the meantime associated with allowing plenty of people get some answers concerning your business.

Use Updates for Instagram

There are different updates and upgrades in Instagram that have created the application considerably more valuable and appealing to potential individuals. These most recent updates have motivated individuals to make utilization of Geo-tagging elective, which help individuals so as to give the audiences a chance to get some answers concerning where a photograph has been tapped on.

That is turning into an especially outstanding option among the people who expound on pictures in different destinations. Uncovering pictures on Instagram, an application similar to social media can be helpful to circulate what is this extraordinary about your business. You ought to use hashtags or maybe geotags, to let the settled on people get some answers concerning your present updates or maybe the situating and create buyer establishment.

Sharing Maximum Photos

instagram photo sharing

For the reason that entire strategy of performance associated with Instagram is dictated by communicating designs and allowing different people to get some answers concerning these individuals, it is critical you further push different people to make use of these type of programming and expound on their performs. This explicit will likewise prove to be handy to expand the volume of photographs being appropriated and are a similarly ideal answer to improving the volume of followers on your venture.

Although it is true that Instagram basically made to share photos and videos with family and friends. However, most of the people still try to download Instagram photos and videos by using third party software or applications. Instagram video downloader really works for those who need to download photos and videos no matter what for.

Understandable Hashtag usage


Web locales, including Twitter, happen to be valuable for making the alternative associated with hashtags surely understood so, as to people who seek on the web. These hashtags can be utilized to inform a number concerning individuals whom you might want to get some answers concerning your present item.

You ought to use your hashtags from the photographs and pics distributed basically by you let the general population associated with Instagram get some answers concerning your present posts and expound on their perspectives in it. By methods for this technique, you may likewise expound on points of interest of your present item and direct promoting so, as to build up your present buyer establishment. You can unquestionably discover a great deal of those that have these sorts of hashtags and enlighten them regarding your present most recent exercises and updates.

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Risks of Saving Card Details Online and Protecting Oneself!

We often save our card details online without even knowing the risks associated with it. Be it for shopping or for applying somewhere, a credit card or a debit card always comes in handy. According to the website,, around 73.3% of the people who buy things online save their card details (credit or debit) while making the payment.

However, there are quite a number of online frauds out there who steal your card details as you store it in there. This can be done in a number of ways, be it skimming which means copying the card information illegally or phishing, where the frauds impersonate the verified websites and convince the people to share their card details online.

Now, let us see in what ways, one can safeguard himself or herself while sharing confidential data online!

1. Avoid saving your card details online

It is always convenient to save your card details while shopping online as you do not have to enter the information every single time. However, in order to be safe and not sorry, it’s better if you do it each time you make a purchase because you never know who might be trying to steal your data from there.

2. A credit card is a better option than a debit card

credit-card over debit card

While shopping online, always try and use a credit card instead of a debit card. There is a reason for this. There are better protection laws for credit cards than debit cards. Also, if you use a credit card, you do not lose the money immediately as in the case of a debit card. The security percentage is much higher in case of a credit card.

3. Look for HTTPS, not HTTP

A website with HTTPS in the address bar guarantees more security than one with HTTP. It means that the website people have used an SSL certificate in order to encrypt your sensitive data and thus keep it safe. So, while sharing your data online, always remember to look for https, and not HTTP.

4. Install a good anti-virus software

Anti-virus software is meant to protect your computer or your Smartphone from outside attacks. Viruses and spyware can steal confidential information or even delete important files from your phone or your PC quite easily. In order to keep your system safe from such malware, it is imperative that you install authentic anti-virus software. Also, make sure that you update them regularly.

5. Don’t share information on public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is generally not secure and can be used by anyone. These do not use encryption methods and hence, it becomes extremely easy for hackers to steal your data. All they would have to do is get your email ID and password. There are fake Wi-Fi networks as well, and if you log in using those, the hackers immediately have all your information. Thus, you should always avoid using public Wi-Fi, and in case you have no option but to use one, use VPN software. Also, while logging on to websites, check if they have SSL certificates or not.

6. Never give your credit card number to anyone over email

hack-credit card

If you share your card number with anyone via an unencrypted connection, you put your data at high risk of being exposed. There are some businesses and companies which might ask you to share your card number via email. However, always ask for other options, no matter what the necessity is. Also, phishing is common where hackers might ask your confidential information while faking it as your bank. Always remember that your bank will never ask for any sensitive data via email.

7. Keep changing your passwords often

Never use the same password for a very long time. A hacker might try to get access to your account more often than not. Changing your passwords regularly will thwart all of his/her attacks right in the beginning. Also, you might have saved one of your passwords on some computer or phone which someone else could gain access to. Changing passwords often will ensure that the old password that you had saved is of no use. Recording keystrokes is one of the most common ways of stealing your sensitive data. Having a new password on a regular basis will make sure that the passwords that they got hold of would not work for long. Using a strong password would mean that they would not be able to guess your password easily.

8. Update your phone’s operating system and enable mobile notifications

One should always see to it that his or her phone has all the security updates activated. Rooting or any other form of security control should never be deleted from the smartphones. Also, while installing an app, they should always restrict the access of the app to what it actually needs. Enabling mobile notifications is very necessary as well. That will notify you in case there is an unusual transaction. Other than that, the bank would also send you notifications in case there have been quite a number of failed attempts trying to log in to your account.

9. Type your bank URL yourself

If you get a mail with a link that directs you to your bank website, never click on it. It might be from one of those online frauds who are trying to get your personal information. As you would type out your login data there, they would get all the details they need. So, it is always better to type out the bank URL yourself instead of following any link.

10. Use a temporary credit card number

There are certain card issuers who give you a temporary card number that would work only for a certain period of time. You can do everything with that card number, just as you can with a permanent one, the only difference being that it would be useful only within a stipulated time. So, even if a hacker gets that number through illegal means, it would be of no use to him/her later. Hence, using a temporary credit card number is certainly a great option that one has to protect one’s account.


Amazon leads $12M investment in India-based digital insurance startup Acko

Amazon appears to be restarting its funding efforts in India after Acko, the digital insurance startup in India, confirmed that the U.S. retail giant led a new round of funding for its business.
Amazon — which has been linked with an Acko investment since the start of this year — backed lending startup Capital Float last month, and now it has led a $12 million funding round for Acko alongside Ashish Dhawan, the founder of PE firm ChrysCapital, and existing backer Catamaran Ventures. The deal takes Acko to $42 million raised to date.


The battle over 5G: What is it, who are the players, and why do we care?

The race to 5G: Inside the fight for the future of mobile as we know it
Microsoft is seeking a US ban on sales of several Kyocera Android smartphones that it contends violates its patents.

Welcome to the latest installment of our regular series of virtual roundtable discussions about important questions facing the future of technology. In this episode, Jason Perlow, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, Scott M. Fulton, III, and I look at 5G and come away, well, a bit troubled.


The well-funded startups driven to own the autonomous vehicle stack

At some point in the future, while riding along in a car, a kid may ask their parent about a distant time in the past when people used steering wheels and pedals to control an automobile. Of course, the full realization of the “auto” part of the word — in the form of fully autonomous automobiles — is a long way off, but there are nonetheless companies trying to build that future today.
However, changing the face of transportation is a costly business, one that typically requires corporate backing or a lot of venture funding to realize such an ambitious goal.


Uber in fatal crash detected pedestrian but had emergency braking disabled

The initial report by the National Transportation Safety Board on the fatal self-driving Uber crash in March confirms that the car detected the pedestrian as early as 6 seconds before the crash, but did not slow or stop because its emergency braking systems were deliberately disabled.
Uber told the NTSB that “emergency braking maneuvers are not enabled while the vehicle is under computer control, to reduce the potential for erratic vehicle behavior,” in other words, to ensure a smooth ride.


Is Desktop-as-a-Service prepared for business?

For companies looking to revoke a cost and complexity of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), a captivate of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is that we can severely revoke up-front investment. “It’s compensate as we go and we usually compensate for what we need,” says Mark Lockwood, investigate executive during Gartner.