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These Agri tech Startups Worth Millions

These Agri tech Startups Worth Millions. Featuring FarmCrowdy, Most Unique Agri tech! 

“The welfare of the farmers is vital to that of the whole country.”

William Howard Taft

You should raise a question, why urban cities and cultivated people only get a higher living style and more ways to earn money from the innovation? Why rural areas and some non-scholarly people don’t worth to enjoy the sweet fruits of innovation?

Have you hit hard? By just reading these two lines? If yes, then let me tell you something. That time has now become past where farmers were called with no respect. The demand for food is rising like never before thanks to expansion in the world’s population. Government and few entrepreneurs have understood that agriculture is the industry where the most number of innovation is needed to feed these much of people. Thus, in recent years, we have seen so many successful agriculture startups which make farming smart! According to techcrunch, in 2017, more than $1.5 billion was invested in Agri tech startups by more than 300 distinct investors. Brazil, USA, Israel, and India are the most favored countries for the Agri tech startups. In 2018, Israel reported 460 Agri tech startups and Brazil has seen 338 Agri tech startups. Yes, these numbers are far behind than the number of startups in the industry like finance and transportation. But we don’t have to miscalculate the challenges of Agri tech startups. Let’s highlight some of the most crucial challenges you have to overcome for your next Agri tech startup!

Challenges in Agri tech Startups?

First and most important challenge Agri tech startups have to consider is the target audience. Unlike other industry, people using Agri tech is non-techy. They like the way they have been doing farming. So, to convince them to use the digital services of the Agri tech is not really easy for any startup.

Another challenge Agri tech startup is facing is the challenge related to Geography bounty. For an E-scooter rental startup, it is easy to attract more groups of the users as they are sharing the same kind of geological bounties which is an urban city. But for an Agri tech startup, it is a real challenge to reach geologically distributed farmers.

But why still successful?

But thanks to government policies and feeding need of our world, Agri tech startups are still the most successful startups. According to a Deutsch report of 2017, the success rate of the Agri tech startups has increased from 47% to 66%  between 2005 and 2011.

Let’s quickly see one of the most unique and trending Agri tech startup.

  1. FarmCrowdy  
  • An insight into the company

FarmCrowdy is Nigerian startup, HQ in Lagos. The core purpose of this Agri tech startup is to empower poor farmers by connecting them with the farm sponsors who sponsor a farm, from where farmers get earning. Sponsors get a return at the end of every farming cycle. FarmCrowdy has started by CEO Onyeka Akumah and his team of the other three people. They have also launched a mobile app in November 2016. FarmCrowdy’ website claims that currently, there are 16,000+ acres of land is available for sponsorship and till now, more than 35000 farms have been sponsored. From these numbers, more than 10000 farmers get a chance of better-earning opportunity. In the company’s introduction video, the CEO says that their plan for the next five year is to empower as much as 50000 farmers.  

  • How this all started? 

During his early age, CEO Onyeka Akumah was running a poultry farm. He noticed that a lot of Nigerian people want to involve in farming, but they don’t have the skill to do farming in such a way that they can earn well. Additionally, he also noticed that a lot of people of Nigeria acquire land, but due to the economic barrier, they are not able to do farming on it. Thus, Onyeka Akumah decided to solve this problem by making a platform which connects the rich people who are interested in the farming, but don’t want to do farming and poor people who are not rich, but want to do farming!

  • How does it work?

Let’s understand it by dividing it between the number of users and the role of them. So, basically, there are main three key stakeholders in the business process of the FarmCrowdy. One is FarmCrowdy itself, another is sponsors and the third one is farmers.  

FarmCrowdy identifies the location and reaches to the Farmer association or Community leaders. As soon as they close the deal of land, they give the input of seed varieties and training to the farmers with tools. Now, a sponsor is someone who checks all farms details and takes the sponsorship of the farm. Once a farm is sponsored, farmers start doing farming, in return, FarmCrowdy pays them. Sponsors can track all farming activities and can also request to visit the farm. At the end of every farming cycle, FarmCrowdy pays to the sponsors.


Wait, We are not done yet. There are many more interesting Agri tech startups which are changing the agricultural industry.

  • Ninjacart
  • Insight into the company

Ninjacart is India based startup which aims to simplified the supply change process. Developing countries like India where farmers have already been facing financial problems, long supply chain process which has so many third parties are involved, is making it more difficult for farmers to earn a good profit of their hard work.

  • How does it beneficial?

Thus, Ninjacart comes with a platform where farmers can connect with the retailer directly. By eliminating third parties from the supply chain, the farmers earn good money on their vegetables and fruits. According to the Ninjacart website, farmers can generate more than 20% of revenue by using this platform. Additionally, retailers are also getting the product at low prices and thanks to Ninjacart’s delivery option, retailers don’t have to worry about the transportation of the product from the farm to stores.


  • Facts and Achievement

Ninjacart gets every day 300 tonnes of vegetables and fruits and it takes only 12 hours to transfer it from farm to stores. Apart from this, Ninjacart is awarded most innovative startup of Indie by Inc42 media in Nov 2018.

  • Agcode

Suppose you are an owner of too many farms. All of your farms are being utilized for farming by workers who are hired by you. Now, assume the situation where you have to manage the working hours of the worker, production report, pesticide reporting, financial activities and field notes of all your farms manually. Isn’t it very hard? Your answer would be yes. But by using AM3 software of the Agcode, it all seems like a piece of cake as the software is combined with business intelligence. They have launched an app too.

By using services of the Agcode, it is easy to perform tasks like field inspection, Payroll, Harvest and scale, mapping, grower management, budget, pick code, contractor tracking, pest control, billing, equipment tracking.

  • Farm Again

Farm again is the another India based agri tech startup started by Ben and Raj. The prior goal of their startup was to convert as many as land into organic land. Till now, they have converted over 2,500 acres of land into organic land which eventually helps farmers to earn more profit.

Farm again is the 30 members company with a revenue of $1 million. Till now, over 1000 farmers have signed up and the company is aiming to reach this number to 13000 by next year.

Recently Farm again has launched IOT devices such as CropSense, WaterSense, NutriSense, and ClimateSense with a mobile app. These are the devices farmers have to install at the farms. Whatever the data these devices collect can be seen by farmer on the mobile app of the Farm again. This is the revolutionary steps in the Agri tech which force us to think what would be the future of the agricultural!

  • Gold Farm

Many times due to lack of proper machinery and hard physical work, farmers become unable to generate more revenue. Thus they need the latest machinery for farming. But again, buying is not the only choice of farmers as they are not that much of economical fit. Gold Farm understands this compulsion of the farmers so well that they have created a platform where farmers can rent the farming equipment like solar water pump and tractors at a very affordable price. 


Few cyberpunks and innovative people of our world should have to give some sort of digital platform to the farmers to make sure they can work at the maximum capacity. Because by seeing the current need of the food and expansion of the popularity, it is safe to predict that by the year 2050, feeding demand of our world will increase by 59% to 98% (source: HBR). To satisfy these much of magnification, it is the alarm call for governments and entrepreneurs to motivate more and more farmers to use some of the industry defined technologies which have been applied precisely on traditional agriculture-related techniques to make it more efficient and productive. 

About the author:

Vishal Virani:

Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading mobile app development company. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends.


Get Started with Predictive Analytics in 2019

With predictive analytics in 2019, you can go learning what happened and to discovering insights in the foreseeable future. Find out how predictive analytics contours the world we dwell in. Companies carry on to view analytics favorably, but the technology remains very costly, overly disruptive and overly complicated to add into usage.

Few businesses which are using predictive analytics to decrease risk and maximize operations:

  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Oil, Gas & Utilities
  • Authorities and also people Sector
  • medical care
  • Manufacturing

The key to starting with predictive analytics in 2019 would always be to recognize a persistent small business problem, well known, also features an evident return on investment (ROI) using a time horizon in your mind. Business issues using ROI can ensure it is effortless to find the provider, potentially control and aligned.

Predictive Analytics Software:

Predictive analytics and data mining solutions are in available the market for the enterprise from lots of companies, including SAS (Predictive Analytics Suite), IBM (IBM SPSS Statistics), and Microsoft (Microsoft Dynamics CRM Analytics Foundation) and others.

Vendors may offer options based on the specific requirements and type of technology business may need. Predictive analytics software is deployed on-premises for enterprise users in the cloud to get small companies to execute through a project manager or team-based initiatives.

Advantages of Predictive Analytics in 2019:

Optimizing Marketing Campaigns – Predictive analytics are utilized to ascertain purchases or customer feedback, besides, to promote changes.

Improving Operations – Businesses employ models to predict inventory and manage tools. Airlines companies use analytics to manage effective ticket rates.

Diminishing Risk – Credit ratings are being used to assess the odds of default option of a buyer and also is a favorite illustration of predictive analytics.

How Does One Turn Data Into Forecasts?

Businesses require a passionate group of data scientists to parse through those collections, or an applications package compelling enough to complete this rapidly. For organizations, this translates to forgoing it or settling for sub-par computer software.

Image Source: Allocable

When the small company problem is identified, it’s vital to align with stakeholders and supply them the ability to provide guidance/feedback. This will make your analytics endeavor lucrative. Possessing the council members may help internal politics while the info might be arriving from various departments. Source the data needed can be supported by multiple sources.

2019s Predictive Analytics Application:

  • Project Risk Management

When applying risk management methods, the answers would be to call and benefit in the future scenario.

  • Client retention

Together with the variety of competing services readily available, organizations will need to focus efforts on maintaining consistent customer care, rewarding consumer dedication and decreasing client attrition.

  • Immediate advertising

When advertisements consumer services and products, there’s the process of maintaining with rival products and consumer behavior.

  • Cross-sell

Frequently corporate associations collect and maintain adequate data (e.g., customer records, purchase trades) as tapping hidden connections from the data can offer a competitive benefit.

  • Analytical customer relationship management (CRM)

Techniques of investigation have been employed to pursue CRM objectives, which involve building a holistic perspective of their consumer irrespective of where their advice resides in the section or the business.

  • Fraud-detection

Fraud can be a massive issue for several organizations and will be of varied kinds: erroneous charge software, deceptive trades (both offline and on the web), identity thefts and false insurance claims. An organization’s vulnerability to fraud.

  • Collection Analytics

Lots of portfolios possess a pair of diehard clients who usually do not make their payments in time. The standard bank has to tackle set activities to recoup the sums due.

Building a Business on Predictive Analytics in 2019

Regardless data is not likely to keep back this industry’s expansion –both that the IoT along with also different data collectors supplements conventional web and program analytics.

User-friendly SaaS platforms continue to be an emerging opportunity. For organizations, creating predictions and models in the data takes a separate employee to browse computer software solutions or even perhaps the outsourcing of this work.

Several Kinds of Predictive Models in Use:

A predictive model refers to the dependencies between explanatory factors and the aim. It enables us to predict the prospective value based on factors.

There are various kinds of models. The very widely used ones include:

  1. Naïve Bayes Classifier
  2. Decision Trees
  3. Logistic Regression
  4. Artificial Neural Networks
  5. K-Means Clustering


Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence sees a bright future:” At 2019, AI will continue to create our work lives much more comfortable, and also let us complete more. Workers will opt to have certain actions or assign projects to the system primarily based on our taste.”

“It’s going to be instructive to learn just how much progress we make on those forecasts following year”

Nevertheless, the concentrate on AI, government, and funding will shape much of what goes on. The glut of vendors and currency markets turbulence could have an impact in the future. I expect a return on those investments, while the community work around the efficiency and also build lucrative business initiatives in 2019.

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There are more than 25 million business profiles on Instagram as per and all of them are vying for the attention of users. Therefore, getting noticed on the world’s fastest-growing social media can be a problem for most marketers. While the presence of one billion-plus Instagram users is too attractive for businesses to miss out on, the absence of an effective Instagram marketing strategy usually results in wastage of precious time, effort, and money not to speak of valuable opportunities of acquiring a customer base. Some tips on crafting a profitable Instagram marketing strategy.

Determine Your Target Audience

Unless you know your target audience, you will not know how to talk to them and engage their attention. It is vital that you study the demographics of your audience before you start creating content for them because the factors like age, gender, interests, location, etc. have a big effect on what they like. It is also important to know what other brands they are interested in and what hashtags they follow so that you can customize your content accordingly.

Determine Your Marketing Objectives

It may sound very basic but it is very important to decide what your Instagram marketing objective is because otherwise, you will not be able to find out if your campaign has been successful or not. List down the different objectives of your marketing campaign; these could range from increasing the number of real Instagram followers, boosting brand awareness, driving conversions, and more. Decide which metrics are appropriate for monitoring so that your marketing campaign can stay on track.

Analyze the Content Published by Competitors

For your marketing strategy to be successful, not only must you know your audience but also your competition. Find out who your biggest competitors are and see how they are trying to engage their audiences with content and tactics. In addition to establishing what content is most popular by analyzing the likes, comments, and shares, you should also investigate the form of the content, the hashtags being used, and the CTAs. If they are doing something well, you need to think doubly hard how to do it better.

Make a Content Strategy

Instagram strategy

Content is undoubtedly the most important element of your Instagram marketing strategy as it is only with the right content will you be able to build your brand, increase awareness, and achieve your business objectives. You need to be able to make the right choice of content from photos, videos, stories, user-generated content, influencer marketing, contests, polls, and more. Creating a content calendar is equally important because content posting cannot be arbitrary. You also need to post at the times when your target audience is the most active for increasing the opportunity to see. A content calendar will also let you know if there is a shortage of content or if there are extended periods when no content is posted.


There is nothing that is ever constant about an Instagram marketing strategy. You need to be able to track the performance of your campaign and keep on tweaking it so that you can optimize the user engagement and boost conversions. Instagram Insights or a host of other third-party analytics tools can help you track the performance metrics efficiently.


2 easy ways to download TikTok videos for free

Have you heard of TikTok? If you’re in your teens than you more than likely have. Tiktok is one of the newer social media apps for sharing short video clips. Tiktok is the reincarnation of musically. Musically was purchased by a Chinese company called Bytedance in a deal worth roughly 1 billion dollars. After the purchase was finalized they re-branded the app to TikTok.


How to choose the perfect power bank for outdoor use?

There are so many options with which you will be flooded once you decide to buy one of the best portable chargers for your casual use. There are plenty you will find that either fits your demands but yet they are expensive or those who unfit your requirements with limited facilities.

Therefore, I would suggest you recall the requirements first and thoroughly inspect every of the required feature you want before heading to buy power bank for yourself for outdoor purpose.

What factors do you need to keep in mind while buying a power bank?

Make a checklist of the following features, that must be taken under consideration while buying the portable charger.


Firstly, the very must and necessity of a power bank is being portable, without which the whole concept of portable charger is useless. Following this, a power bank should be light in weight which makes it easy to carry anywhere regardless of the situation and environment.

Secondly, the size matters a lot just like the weight. However, it should be compactly designed, thus allows you to tuck the power bank into your pocket or put it in your backpack.

Therefore keep in mind the size and weight should be considered first than anything else, since this property let your portable charger to move along with you, whether you are driving, at gym, office, spending your weekend with your loved one in hills or at sea or you need to spend some quality time in isolation away from home, portable charger serves you as a great companion.

Battery capacity

After analyzing how much a particular power bank is portable and how easy it would be to carry, its time to consider how long it could serve you i.e. the richness of the battery power.

However, before moving forward wait a minute here. Have you decided which devices you need to charge when you are away for a good reason? Which devices need to be fueled instantly and without which you can’t suppose to move a bit? Yeah yeah, your phones are the most precious thing without which you can’t comprehend contacting to your friends and family.

How much mAh (milliamp hour) is good to charge a phone and a laptop?

10,000mAh to 32,000mAh battery capacity is quite well to give more than two charges to your smartphones, whereas, 50,000mAh to 120000mAh is pretty enough to provide more than two charges to your laptop.

In addition, you can not only charge your phones and laptop multiple times on a trip, but you can also charge your other USB devices, since most of the portable chargers bear the facility of USB port; let you boost your dead devices like drones, DSLR, MP3 players, tablets, iPods, iPads etc.

Qualcomm Quick charge

No one wants to spend their time waiting for their phones to get charged to resume playing games, watching videos and to make important calls, yet we have to wait for a specific time period to let them charge and then unplug them. However, Qualcomm quick charge technology helps to reduce the charging time as much as it can by minimizing the charge time through its fast charging technology.

Power management system

Indeed you don’t want to destroy your phone battery with any accidental short circuit, overcharging or due to any other vulnerability. Hence, make sure the power bank you choose, should have the capability to seriously guard your device against getting heat up, overcharging, over discharging, high voltage or you can say it should be surge protection. In short, a portable charger should prevent your battery from deteriorating in any circumstances.

Multiple devices can be charged at a time?

How many devices you are willing to charge in case you are about to spend time among friends, on a business trip etc. then not only your phone required a frequent charge but your laptop too, or there may be a time where probably you have to share a port with your friend or colleague. In such a case, one port output power bank is not sufficient. Thus, choose the one with multiple port facility or with more than one output source of power, in order to charge more than just one device at a time.

I hope, we have succeeded to give you a good insight of the peculiarities you must be aware of, before spending on the purchase of the power bank.


Wellness Programs That Can Help To Motivate Your Workforce

To attract top talent, your business needs to stand out and adopt strategies that will keep your staff motivated and happy with coming into work every day. Wellness programs are a great way to achieve just that. In fact, it’s considered around that the majority of job seekers that are looking for work consider work perks and activities as a major attraction to work for a company. The last thing you need is a high employee turnover at your company, so in order to keep your workers engaged here are some wellness programs to consider so that they can remain healthy throughout their working experience.

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In the internet world, one of the most frustrating things end users may and can experience, is a website that takes an age to load.

When it comes to business, those additional seconds it takes for your site to load, could be the difference between a sale and a customer lost.

You may not realise this, but for every fraction of a second it takes for your site load, that increases the chance of your would-be customer from leaving your website entirely in search of a faster site. This is the case, even if your product is the best in the industry.