8 SEO Mistakes Which Can Ruin Your Business!

SEO has becomes the bread and butter of digital marketing techniques. Your online presence is dependent on a wide number of factors, which collectively fall under the SEO umbrella. Be it your presence, positioning or offerings everything needs to be catered from a digital eye. When companies indulge in SEO related activities they jump-start certain activities without realizing that improper efforts can very well come back haunting their businesses in more ways than one.

Let us consider some of the most common SEO mistakes people make these days. If you are able to avoid them then surely your business and you as an individual can benefit from them.

Choosing inappropriate keywords

With SEO, you need to understand that your entire strategy revolves around your content optimization. Your Keywords are the key components in helping google identify where you stand. What would happen when you are using the wrong keywords? Your efforts will be in vain, that much is certain.

One of the primary mistakes when it comes to keyword optimization is that people tend to neglect how well certain keywords rank on search engines. If you are using a long tail keyword, then automatically you are limiting your niche largely. Your emphasis needs to be on those KW, which your target audience searches for regularly through search engines.

Various software can help you in this quest. Google AdWords, Google Trends and SEMrush are very effective tools to understand how keywords work as well as how they are ranked. You can use the available free trails for basic use but if you plan to go for an in-depth analysis, a paid account can be much more useful.

Stuffing keywords

Keywords idea

Now one of the most common mistake people tend to make is to stuff excessive keywords in their content. For an SEO amateur, the seemingly right approach would be to use all the keywords you can in a content piece to boost ratings. The reality is actually quite different. With the latest algorithm definitions, Google considers this keyword stuffing as a malpractice and it directly deteriorates your KW rankings.

Overusing your keywords in never the right approach. Such content wouldn’t appeal to your audience and the unnatural aesthetic might shun out any webmaster that you approach with your content. Google is facilitating natural and well-made content pieces with new updates such as Latent Sematic Indexing (LSI). This allows the search engine to identify important keywords placed in a content piece and rank them higher without any stuffing requirements.

Irrelevant content

Content, which is not relevant to the keywords instilled, can be disastrous. Writers are often given fixed quotas for keywords and articles where they often have to force keywords towards an unexpected audience. At one instance, you are talking about pets, and the very next instance readers are pushed towards buying a home phone service. Such content deliveries are not only useless rather they become hurtful towards your business and that bad impression goes a long way.

Writers, also at Instances, try to fit in multiple topics within a single content piece. The audience gets confused and the overall quality of your work gets affected in an adverse manner. Your goal for SEO should be to focus on the quality aspect because attracting organic traffic in a natural way is really the best way to go. Learn relation between SEO and content marketing to make your content more quality.

Plagiarism is demise

Now that you are a part of the digital marketing domain, keep in mind that plagiarism is your enemy. While copying text might’ve worked in the past, today’s definitions of search engines have been completely revamped. Even bits of copied texts can immediately be identified as plagiarism and they can ruin your reputation. On top of that, copied content bears old news or bearings, which are outdated with respect to the modern world. Your audience doesn’t want to see the same thing again and again and if so happens, they might lose interest towards your work entirely.

Saving costs on your connectivity

Remember that your SEO progress is directly proportional to your work efforts as well as your internet connectivity. A number of instances, businesses intend to cut costs through internet facilities and related hardware. Doing so might seem like the right approach at that moment, but in the longer run, when your operations expand, that could have a significant toll on your work. You need to test your websites and resources in run-time. For that to be possible, make sure you aren’t lagging behind in your connectivity. Options like att uverse or Comcast packages can be safe bets in this regard.

Insufficient quality links

To improve the Domain authority of your website, quality links play an integral role. External linking should be based on quality rather than quantity. The links present on your website should be relevant to the content through which they are presented. Websites with solid reputations, when linked with your website give you the opportunity to bring back quality backlinks to your work as well. Anchor text is an important element when it comes to linking practices. Ineffective anchor text can confuse the search bots regarding the essence of your content piece and where the emphasis lies. Avoid using general practices like “click here for more info” and be creative in your approach. You want to promote your business as well as urge people to click through your content.

Broken links

For a website to function proper, it is exceedingly important that your internal/external links are properly working. The initial practice should be to include important links to the top performing pages so they get exposed to more traffic. Additional traction always helps. Now if you have a number of links present, you need to make sure that they direct correctly to the desired destination. Any broken link will directly result in wasted effort along with a negative impression towards your website. Broken links can also work as an opportunity for SEO analysts. You can contact various webmasters if you are able to identify their broken links and form a mutual relationship with them. Help them identify and resolve broken links and in turn they can help by giving you quality backlinks.

Mobile users are the key

With the changing trends, the majority of internet traffic is coming from mobile devices. Whether your operations are B2C or B2B, there is a high probability that a significant portion of your traffic is using mobile devices. Now the major concern comes whether your websites and pages are optimized for mobile devices or not. If you neglect how your website looks through a mobile interface then you are in for some serious trouble. Various aspects such as media elements, page load times and text orientation, all these need to be catered with respect to a mobile interface. Mobile is the ‘it’ thing these days so make sure your efforts are well put.

Taking care of these mistakes in a timely manner will definitely produce positive results for your business. SEO techniques are evolving rapidly with the changing times, so it’s important that you identify how the algorithms works and evolve accordingly in order to be successful.

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