6 ways mobile apps can help you grow your business

Mobile phones are no longer the ordinary communication devices they used to be. The technology is opening up a wide range of opportunities for individuals and businesses to expand their horizons. To be particular, it is the discovery and development of applications that have taken the devices by storm.

The app domain infuses incredible levels of creativity. From banking on the go to booking seats in your favorite restaurant, there is an app for everything!

The growing number of applications make us certain that the future landscape of technology is going to be far ahead than what we have today. People are already making a lot of money through mobile applications.

According to a forecast, the apps will generate around 189 billion US dollars as revenue through the app stores and in-app advertisements.


Given the change in tech trends, it is obvious that the new waves will greatly impact the business world. The smart entrepreneurs realize this, and they are taking an instant leap into the realm. They are migrating from the physical means of publishing adverts and customer communication to advanced, virtual ways of doing the same things.

It is, therefore, a sure fact that mobile apps are imperative for business. Regardless of their size, every business can use these apps to expand, improve and monitor their external plus internal channels.

To enlighten you more, here is a list of six ways that mobile apps can help your business to grow:

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  1. Boosts the brand

A mobile app lets the consumer know about the brand. It increases their awareness of the company. They have easy access to a platform where they can check out your products and communicate their queries.

Make sure that your app has all the features that will make it beautiful and usable. Think of it as a blank billboard. You can make it stylish, functional, professional, or informative depending upon the product or service you are trying to sell.

Once they install the app, your business logo is going to be there on the customer’s screen all the time. So it’s nearly impossible for them not to think of you when they need a specific product/service.


  1. Improves communication with customers

Customers are the lifeblood of every business. Successful businesses realize this fact. They are trying to find ways where they can reach their customers and acquire their trust. And apps are providing an incredible medium of doing this.

A solid mobile presence allows you to provide customers with an interactive interface. They can engage with you at any time of the day, instead of waiting for the usual business hours. Through apps, you can also send push notifications to the customers. These have open rates that are above 90% as compared to the e-mails with open rates of 25 – 30 %.

  1. Acts as a marketing channel

Mobile apps are a valuable marketing tool. Businesses spend plenty of their money and time on thinking about strategies to enhance their marketing campaigns. An app will do just that but in a more refined and sophisticated way.

It will allow the customers to check out general info, search the features, and the price lists. Once they sign up on your forum, it gets easier to tell them about discounts and promotional offers.

Integration of social media plug-in is another perk that you can avail. Having the options to share their experiences on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram brings free publicity.

  1. Helps to stand out in the industry

Not every small business has a mobile app. The ones that do are those who have a forward-thinking approach.

Let’s say you own a small café down the street and there are many others in your neighborhood. Launching a mobile app for the café will give you a benefit over them. Through this app, people can reserve tables beforehand, place their orders or even ask for home deliveries. Thus, you can expand your customer base without buying any physical resources.

It is also necessary for your app to have a flawless and functional design if you aim to secure exceptional grounds. This requires regular updates in the interface and options as well as constant control on security threats.

As a business tool, it is probable that your app will ask customers to input their personal information. Protection of this info against cybercriminals must be one of your prime concerns. The algorithms used by Airg Spam free app, Hookt, are one of a kind. You can develop a security system for your app using such examples.

  1. Enhances service efficiency

Some mobile apps can also assist a business with logistics and supply chain management. These will help

to control complex accounting procedures and analyze the inventory. A few apps will make it easier to source vendors and suppliers. Apart from that, some developers offer to design a customized app to handle the internal affairs of business with greater precision.

  1. Generates more income

Customer satisfaction is directly proportional to sales. According to the Salesforce survey, 70 % of the buying experiences depend on what customers feel about their treatment. If the customer is pleased with your service, there are high chances that they will return.

A mobile app that comes with the ability to fulfill customer orders will have more downloads. The fact that customers can book a ticket, buy goods or make reservations with just a few taps make it quite reputable. It becomes the instant go-to app when the customer is looking for a particular product or service.

Exploiting the medium of mobile apps will help you lessen the issues that hamper the growth of your business. It has huge potential benefits in terms of boosting efficiency, productivity, competitive edge, and user experience.

Last but not least, there are a few fundamental points one must remember when opting for app development. The task does not end with putting up your app in the stores. You need to monitor the analytics constantly and upgrade the design to make it more functional. These steps will guarantee customer retention, sales growth, and progress in the app market.

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