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What is the Relationship between SEO and Content Marketing

Talking about content marketing, it is the most known marketing strategy that creates brand awareness among people through content. While the purpose of SEO is to rank a website on Search Engines using keywords and linking. Both sound very different from each other, but actually, there exists a relationship between both of them to make them work together.

SEO and content marketing both are the ways to promote and create awareness about the brand in public. Content marketing is actually a content that allows the readers to understand the detailed information about the brand whereas SEO makes it able to appear that content on Search engines.

There are several ways in which you can do content marketing the easiest and known one is through blogs or articles. However, other than this in the form of videos and pictures as well. On the other hand, SEO is through using keywords, search tags and linking (internal and external). However, thinking practically both evolve together in building up strong marketing.


Suppose, if a person wants to select a picnic spot for vacations, that person will do a search for best picnic points in the relevant area. After Searching (SEO), he will read the reviews (content) about that area and finally become able to choose a specific area of his choice. The SEO allows him to search for the top places and content marketing make him understand which place is better to choose. This simple example clearly shows a relationship between both the terms and how they work together.

Before finding a deep relationship between both, let us first find out the main difference between them.

Difference between SEO and Content Marketing


There exist a huge difference between them as both serve in marketing. Moreover, these two sounds very different, no doubt they are actually different. Both work in their respective ways to make marketing strong and successful. However, some of the differences are as follows:

  • SEO is more technical as it makes use of keywords, linking and stuff like this. However, Content marketing is not that technical although it is the simplest strategy. 
  • SEO bounds to keywords and URL whereas Content marketing is broader and can be performed in several ways (blogs, videos, pictures, articles).
  • SEO demands requirement and Content marketing fulfills

Key Relationship between SEO and Content Marketing

content marketing

The above discussion showed a relationship between both terms to some extent, however, to understand a key relationship between SEO and Content marketing consider a few simple points.

1-    Content Marketing fulfills the need for SEO

SEO itself is a requirement, which needs content marketing to fulfill it. SEO states “I need you” and Content marketing states, “I will provide you”. Both terms work together in order to fulfill marketing needs.  Without content SEO cannot work properly, in short, content is everything that SEO needs.

2-    Content provides keywords for SEO

As explained earlier SEO needs keywords for working and content to provide keywords to it. No doubt, keywords are necessary for ranking and increase optimization but it the content only that make use of keywords to understand by search engines.

3-    Content engage the audience through SEO

The purpose of content marketing is to create brand awareness among people and to engage more audience with the content. To attract the audience towards the content, SEO is the only way to make it possible this will rank the content on search engines and make it able to reach maximum people.

4-    Content marketing attracts readers to SEO links

SEO involves linking relative URLs to a site and content marketing makes it able to create those links to attract more audience. In simple words, content marketing is essential for SEO to make readers understand about sites.

These are some major things, which creates a strong relation of one with another.

As these points, explain the relationship between SEO and content marketing largely. Other than that, these points also ended up summarizing that SEO is nothing without Content marketing. If you want to be an SEO expert, you must have to be an expert in content marketing.

SEO is useless unless you are not strong in Content marketing. Both these terms come together and work together. To become successful in Content marketing you should not neglect SEO. Neither one can be neglected to become successful in another field.

Moreover, SEO is the only way to rank the content on your website to increase its optimization and become more visible in search engines. Without SEO, content is useless and without content, SEO does not work.

In short, SEO demands the requirement that Content marketing fulfills. Without one other will not work in an appropriate way.


This article described a strong relationship between the two terms of SEO and Content marketing. As both these terms sound completely different and no doubt, they are two different terms but both these terms merge and work together to make marketing strong. Neglecting one cannot make a marketer become successful in other. Therefore, both of these are strongly bounded.


How to Become a More Productive Blogger in Simple Steps

Blogging is not an easy task especially when you try t without having proper knowledge. There exist some rules and tips for blogging like any other task. Blogging is a bit different from any other task. Blogging needs a lot of effort as well as time and concentration. To become a blogger a person needs to dedicate all his effective time to blogging.

In this age of fastest growing technology, everyone dreams to have a personal blogging site and have millions of active users on it. However, not everyone gets success and fulfills this dream, there are several reasons behind it. The main reason is the lack of knowledge and understanding.

For blogging, there is a need to have the proper knowledge and understanding the basics of blogging. His way only will help a person to become a famous and successful blogger. For this reason, the relevant article will specifically describe a few simple and easy steps that everyone can follow to make blogging more productive and earn real money through blogging.

A few simple steps are as follows:

Choose a Niche

what is you blog title

The very first step before starting a blog is nothing else than selecting a niche of your relevant interest. Although it sounds common, it is a very important step. The very common mistake that most people do is they have no proper aim and do not even know what to start. Choosing a proper niche and start blogging about it must be the main goal while blogging.

There are several niches to choose for blogging. A few are:

  • Lifestyle blog
  • Travel blog
  • Beauty blog
  • Health blog
  • Food blog

These are a few simple ideas about starting a blog. Although, there are many other ideas available.

Set Priority

Setting priority and making your priorities clear is another important step to become a productive blogger. While blogging your first priority should be writing and the second must be creating unique content. This way helps you become a productive blogger very easily.

When concentrating on writing and creating unique content consistently this will generate more audience and increase the engagement of the site. Which will prove to be helpful in becoming a productive blogger?

Set goals and start working on them

For productive blogging, the other important step is to set goals. Goal and proper planning make the vision clear about what to do and how to do. Setting smart goals for blogging and keeping them in your plans is a good idea. This will result in successful and productive blogging.

Goals and plans are always very important and prove to be so helpful in growing and expanding any sort of work, whether it is blogging or something else. Therefore, the aims and goals are necessary for achieving success.

Do every possible effort to achieve your Aim

how to promote blog

While starting a blog, obviously your aim is to become a successful blogger and take your blogs from the ground to a certain height. You should stick to your aim and try every possible thing to maintain and concentrate on your aim.

Aims also play an important role in the development and growth of any sort of work, business or anything of your interest. Therefore, being ambitious about successful and productive blogging will help to achieve your goals.

Try using productive tools

While talking about productive blogging, the first thing to consider is to make use of productive blogging tools. These tools provide proper guidance and provide complete help in understanding and working as a blogger. There are several tools for this purpose.

Some of the top tools for blog writing are the FindFocus website blocker, WordPress. For creating visual content, the top tools are Canva and Pixabay. For proofreading Grammarly is the best online tool. Other tools are Dropbox, Trello, Toggl and Buffer App.

Be consistent

A mostly known and the simplest key to success in blogging is consistency. Be consistent while creating unique content and keep on sharing that content with great consistency. This will lead to more engagement and interaction of the audience on your blogging site. That in return helpful for becoming a successful and productive blogger in less time.

You would have heard repeatedly that consistency is the key. It applies to blog, to become a successful and productive blogger in less time keep on doing hard work with consistency.

Keep on doing hard work and do not worry about your Competition

The other important thing that contributes to productive blogging is hard work and a strong determination. Just keep one thing in your mind while blogging, that why did you start blogging? You started it, keeping in mind your passion and interest in blogging. Forget everything else. Simply stick to your goal and do not compare yourself with other bloggers.

There is nothing wrong in it on having a look at other blogger’s work and taking help from them, that how they are working. In addition, comparing yourself with them is not a good idea. Comparison only results in demotivation. Everyone has a different mindset and different way of doing work, therefore comparing is a not so good idea.


Blogging is becoming very popular nowadays due to its wide communication and being a strong marketing strategy. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone who wants to start a blog to learn the basic tools and simple tips to become a productive blogger. This article described some of the top ways by which a person can become a successful productive blogger in less time. In addition, the key to becoming a productive blogger is consistency and hard work.

Tech News

Achieve KYC Compliance with Shufti Pro

Compliance is a complicated process of interlinked procedures and adherence to guidelines and regulations that seem daunting for most companies to go ahead with. However, in the case of KYC compliance that seems a little more different. With the changing regulatory landscape, tightening regulations and the simultaneous rise of fraud. The requirement for KYC based compliance is the need of the hour.

Many companies either find it too difficult to establish an in-house KYC program or know how to go ahead with an external KYC set-up. That’s why we’ve made things a little simpler for all those companies and let you know how you can achieve kyc compliance with Shufti Pro.

aml-kyc-complianceNearing Your KYC Ambitions with Providers that Deliver

Yes, there are plenty of those stale KYC services and knock off KYC providers, claiming to be the next best variant in the market. However, decisions are not made on chest-thumping assumptions, rather ground level realities. Before you begin shopping out for your next best KYC service provider for Identity Verification. It’s important to assess your options on the points mentioned below.


Identity Verification

How does identity verification work for your provider? The process of identity verification might be straight forward but varies from company to company. See, each company goes about differently in approaching identity verification, whether that be external processes or internal ones. Some might be in-depth, through a verification based on database comparisons. While others might go for a more traditional template-matching technique. Each technique represents a significant edge over the other and defines the resources required to build and maintain the KYC processes and hence affect your requirements.


Face Verification

After fingerprints, the most widespread application of biometrics is through facial verification. Though not new, but fairly trendy. Facial Verification is vital for an effective KYC service. In order to vet your provider, facial verification services should be optimal and industry best. Ensure, they have 3D depth analysis, facial biometric mapping, and many more features that help it from spoofing elements.


Document Verification

Most KYC processes require an official identification document for proof, what if that turned out to be forged? Or your provider couldn’t spot it out, who’s to blame? Document fraud is one of the biggest concerns in the identity market and faced by all sorts of businesses. Ensure the provider has up to date checks on document forgery, form-related features, MRZ, doctored elements, Kinematic holographic overlay, and others. This shall ensure, even the trickiest of documents are sniffed out by an efficient AI-based KYC system.


KYC compliance is an area of grey, to which companies either respond slowly or in a manner that is not the ideal KYC attitude. Companies can achieve kyc compliance with Shufti Pro or any other 3rd party KYC service provider. A provider that is built on the elements listed above, while ideally keeping customer requirements in mind. Diligence requirements can be met quickly through simple and integrate-able solutions. The provider aids global companies through a versatile and globally compliant solution that serves document and language coverage spanning 200+ countries and associated jurisdictions.

Tech News

App-like web store is a reality! Thanks to Magento.

E-commerce world is highly competitive and everybody involved in the ecommerce business is running a race. Most of the cutting-edge platforms are trying their best to introduce a host of key capabilities. Every platform is coming up with new features and tools to make sure that they are the top choice of the ecommerce owners. Almost, all the ecommerce platforms have realized the importance of mobile. Therefore, the websites are more responsive and every effort is being done to make sure that the new-age ecommerce stores are fit for the mobile users. One of the ecommerce platforms has lately introduced visual product search for the Commerce Cloud. This is done to make the product catalogs as well as the web stores to a visual shopping assistant. But, one of the biggest announcement was done by Magento, as they introduced, Progressive Web Applications’ builder.

Why is Progressive Web Application (PWAs) builder a useful introduction?


PWAs enable us to develop solid engagement for the mobile users. Also, progressive apps help to boost revenue in many ways. PWAs offer mobile shoppers a much advanced browsing and buying experience. Also, it enables the online sellers to catch the fancy of more customers. This in turn leads to better traffic rate and eventually higher sales and profit. Therefore, PWAs are considered as the latest phase of mobile web optimization.

PWAs enable better user acquisition

Progressive Web Application contain an ‘Add to home screen’ button. And, it reduces the user acquisition pricing and also reduces the process. At the same time, the ‘linkbility’ of PWA eases data sharing. Also, the product page from Progressive Web Application can be easily copied as a link. It can be further used in the browser. PWAs are supported by search. What makes PWAs a top choice is the fact that they are easy to find! Also, they can be installed directly from the browser.

Also, PWAs are a lot more cost-effective. As, they are built as webpages. Hence, when it comes to the cost of development, it is a lot lesser. Also, the updates are ran automatically as PWAs are linked to the backend of e-commerce backend, and this, they are not reliant on the operating systems or marketplaces. Needless to say, PWAs are apt for the current generation. Hence, the need and demand of PWAs is always going to be high. Therefore, Magento has added a special feature which eases the development of app like web stores!

App-like web stores by Magento

Magento realized that PWAs are apt for the present generation. They are apps which are accessible through the browsers. Also, they provide more functionality than simple websites. Also, such apps are optimized for mobile.

Magento recently introduced a host of latest marketing capabilities. A large number of such capabilities are related to Progressive Web Application Studio. The latest features aims to offer tremendously personalized cross-channel mobile experience. Ecommerce owners won’t have to develop a native app to offer a mobile experience to the customers.

PWAs resemble mobile applications. But, they are browser-based and very interactive. However, users don’t have to do any downloads in order to use PWAs. When it comes to Magento’s latest PWA Studio, it is conceptualized perfectly to be used. It is company’s one of the first key effort to turn the online stores into a more interactive and advanced web-based applications. As per Magento, when it comes to the advancement of mobile web, PWAs are a seismic development. It is an upgradation to the responsive web design. Also, Magento is considered as one of the best solutions to offer PWA building at such a magnitude.

PWAs can be easily saved to the device’s home screen. A user would just have to click to open. Thus, it would not require a person to type in the URL after opening the browser. Also, PWAs are available in full-screen mode as well. But, there is a hidden browser URL bar at the top, along with the required navigation controls which are present at screen bottom. All this is done to offer a proper app like feel.

Mobile is going to grow. Thus ecommerce users have to do all that they can to offer a remarkable ‘mobile experience’ to their users. And, this new offering by Magento development company in India is definitely one of the best introductions.