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Facebook Releases Hobbi, New App Similar To Pinterest

After acquiring social media marketing and creating a mark for itself with 2.5 billion users, Facebook has launched a new app Hobbi, a photo and video sharing app designed for documenting users hobbies. An app similar to Pinterest, it is available only for iphone users and only in limited countries which include: Belgium, Colombia, Spain, …

10 best video sites like YouTube

YouTube has grown as one of the number one video platform where millions of video is watched in a minute. YouTube is the largest video search engine today which contain videos in almost all category. But there are also good video platform where you can find good and interesting videos on different category.

These Agri tech Startups Worth Millions

These Agri tech Startups Worth Millions. Featuring FarmCrowdy, Most Unique Agri tech!  “The welfare of the farmers is vital to that of the whole country.” – William Howard Taft You should raise a question, why urban cities and cultivated people only get a higher living style and more ways to earn money from the innovation? …

The brighter side of Block-chain technology. Why Walmart, FedEx, and IBM have adopted it so quickly? 

What caused block-chain technology to evolve? We are living in a time where all type of companies, either a giant tech company or a small business startup, are highly relying on big data. Big data is nothing but the collection of a large number of data which can not be analyzed with the traditional data-processing …


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The Top Quality and Reliable Staplers to use

Are you planning to start an office, construction task, or other related tasks? It would help if you had a reliable and quality stapler to be productive. A stapler is a crucial tool, particularly when someone is handling big paper stacks, and you want them to stay together. There are many models of staplers currently …

5 smart techniques to get new clients from existing client referrals.

Getting new clients, one of the biggest challenges that every newbie face irrespective of the field they are in. In order to grow your business, getting some new leads on a frequent basis becomes equally important as maintaining your existing business. 

What’s in Store for a Futuristic Face of Business Proposal?

As kids, we had so many dreams floating in our minds. Some had the vision of traveling the world, others wanted to paint a canvas out of it, while others just sat in the lap of nature with a book in one hand. But did you just go to camping, got a canvas or a …

BAD NEWS! Google Blocks Huawei To Use Android

According to the latest reports, from now on Huawei smartphones will not be able to install any Android updates, updates to Google Play apps, or use apps like Gmail, Chrome, etc. However, the fact is that, if you want then you can simply access those Android updates through the open source channel that exists but …

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How to choose the perfect power bank for outdoor use?

There are so many options with which you will be flooded once you decide to buy one of the best portable chargers for your casual use. There are plenty you will find that either fits your demands but yet they are expensive or those who unfit your requirements with limited facilities. Therefore, I would suggest …

How to Achieve the best gaming setup

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